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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Bruigaar, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Bruigaar

    Bruigaar Active Member

    Please post any suggestions you have for Jadecat bellow. Hopefully this will reduce any clutter of the forums and give her an easy reference topic.

    1) please add Extra Utilities or another way for people to sort items without raising the lag 100 fold

    2) to be added

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  2. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds whatever you want to. it again
    3.have fun it again
  3. RJS

    RJS Popular Member

    I don't think that Extra Utilities is actually too great a fit for Magic World. About all I'd go for from it is the spikes, magnum torch etc., and cursed earth. I think part of the fun of Magic World was having to come up with alternative solutions because some of the standard fallbacks weren't available. Setting up a spawning room for a Well of Suffering without Cursed Earth was a fun project that took me a fair bit of time to get finished, as I wanted to do something other than light up the entire area apart from one spawning room.

    I enjoyed having some of the convenience methods stripped away from me. It's like a more relaxed alternative to stuff like Agrarian Skies, IMHO. In that, you can get convenience stuff but it's more expensive and so requires more resources, whereas in Magic World, it's reasonably priced, but you have to find an alternative method for stuff. With my spawning room, I ended up making it in the nether, with wrath cages set to spawn skeletons, and using golems that were outside the range of the ritual to feed the coal and bone drops into alchemical furnaces to power the wrath cages. That's something I would never have done in another pack.
  4. Gideonseymour

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    Make some shit explode.
  5. Bruigaar

    Bruigaar Active Member

    The only reason I suggest ExU is because every other sorting alternative I have come up with has created a lot of lag. Be it because of the number of entities or the number of block ticks it just causes lag when trying to create a sorting system. Also because ExU is not really a tech mod. Yes it has a few techie things in it but even they are made through magical type ways (the QED). Even with a super techie name it runs of the magic of the END.

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  6. RJS

    RJS Popular Member

    I personally just feel that the transfer nodes themselves don't really fit the theme :/ just my opinion though
  7. IvoryOwl

    IvoryOwl New Member

    I'm very surprised to see Ars Magica left out from the FTB Mage Quest list, considering its one of THE best magic mods out there for MC. No magic mod-pack is complete without it. Give me XLBiomes, Natura, Magic Crops, Thaumcraft, Ars Magica and Witchery, and I'll be a happy camper. Anything else is just a bonus.
  8. RJS

    RJS Popular Member

    From what I understand (which may well be wrong), Ars Magica 2 has caused some problems in some packs. Factor that Mithion is leaving modding and intends to use the code in another project, meaning he won't be handing it over to someone else. Even if the first point is a misunderstanding on my part, I can see why it's being left out.
  9. johngoo12

    johngoo12 New Member

    Do we really need
    And You could Add Forbidden magic, its been updated to 1.7 and its a pretty good thaumcraft addon
  10. DrowElf

    DrowElf Well-Known Member

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