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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Lycanite, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    With Lycanites Mobs being included in FTB Monster, I figured that I would start a new thread in these forums in order to get feedback and also bug reports.

    You can find the mod website here which has info about all the mobs, etc and also links to the Minecraft Forums and planet Minecraft page where you can also leave feedback and bug reports.

    Firstly, I'm aware that not everyone likes the art style behind this mod as it's a bit different using triangular polys instead of just boxes and also higher res textures. In the future I plan on creating a Resource Pack they will introduce box-only models and low res textures for those who prefer a more vanilla feel, for now though I'm focusing on adding new mobs.

    Bugs that I'm aware of or that are fixed in new versions not in FTB yet:
    • FIXED: Kobolds and other mobs drops way too many items with the looting enchantment.
    • TWEAK: Ventoraptors and Uvaraptors will now only spawn above ground.
    • FIXED: All aggressive mobs should no longer spawn where a Magnum Torch is.

    Incompatibilities with other mods:
    • None that I'm aware of.

    Feedback I'm looking for:
    • General constructive criticism.
    • Balancing:
      Easy difficulty should be quite easy and relaxed and more about farming the mobs, taming them, etc.
      Normal should be a little bit challenging, but not a slaughterfest!
      Hard should require Leather + Ranged or Iron+ gear for wandering around at night or in the nether.
      For those who like the extreme, I will be addings a Nightmare difficulty to the config for this mod at some point which will make all the difficulties even harder, like insane, like Easy = Hard, Normal = Really damn hard and Hard = Almost impossible!

    Please be sure to check the bottom of the Mod Website Homepage for a list of planned features and mobs, I'm planning more unique weapons, armor and some more pet features as well as bosses in the future.
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  2. Siro

    Siro New Member

    Love your mod :)

    The only issue I've seen is that players may be completely unaware a given mob is even tameable, much less how to figure out how to tame it without referring to a wiki/forum post. It can be difficult to try out a bunch of different things while a monster is eating you. Perhaps some sort of ingame bestiary of some sort with hints would help.

    For the sake of discussion, this is the list thus far.

    Raptors (saddleable): Cooked meat.
    Lurker: Fermented Spider Eye.
    Eyewig (saddleable): Poison Gland (from Aspid).
    Baby Crusk: Gold nugget
    Erepede (saddleable): Gold nugget
    Pinky (saddleable): Hellfire Charge (from Behemoth)
    Cacodemon: Hellfire Charge (from Behemoth)

    Aspid: Mushrooms
    Joust: Cactus Green
    Pinky: Live cows/pigs/sheep

    Also, I'm not sure if it's a result of using fortune or not, but kobolds seem to drop a lot of emeralds. I'll have more info on this once I get around to building a mob farm for them :)
  3. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    This is definitely a good idea, should the bestiary be some kind of starting book or just a menu? Perhaps it can be filled in by killing a mob too...
    Also that item drop bug should be fixed in the latest versions.
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  4. Siro

    Siro New Member

    I'll definitely have to get on updating my pack this weekend ;)

    I like the idea of filling in info by killing a mob. That way they've at least encountered the mob first. Maybe they need to kill several to totally fill out an entry? I don't know if its possible, but if it is you could have a book/info item drop the first time they kill a lycanite mob rather than the first time they join the game/server.
  5. SynfulChaot

    SynfulChaot New Member

    I also like the idea of info being filled out when you kill a mob.

    Perhaps, though, have the book craftable instead so we still need to seek the information out. Something like the Thaumonomicon. That way you don't need to code in some crazy one-time only trigger and we can still create more in case we lose our first.
  6. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Shapelessly crafted with a book and any drop from these things? Or "crafted" by taking a book and quill and right clicking any of them(a mechanic I love from ChocoCraft, by the way).
  7. MoosyDoosy

    MoosyDoosy New Member

    I don't know about killing a lot of it, but there definitely should be a bestiary type of book. But instead of explicit information about the mob, maybe add small vague hints? Especially for those that are tameable. So that those that can't be tamed are listed immediately with all information on them in the book, but for the ones that can be tamed, a rather vague entry is added. That would clue you to try and figure out more about that mob (taming). And then once you tame that mob, all information is added.
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  8. joseff amador

    joseff amador New Member

    Great mod. One thing I've noticed however is that the Raptors spawn even deep underground. I'm assuming they are biome specific, so it probably can't be helped. But, we have an underground cave city near bedrock on our server, and have experienced many raptor invasions :) Just seems out of place for bird-like creatures to be found deep underground in a cave.
  9. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    The chocobo mod has a cool idea there, I might follow suit, it's better than creating a system where I have to store which player knows what etc, instead just right click a mob with a book and quill.

    Yeah I think I have a fix this, I'll try and update later today with it, basically they will only spawn if they can see the sky.
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  10. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Any ideas when you're going to implement insane mode?
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  11. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    Lol, the mob stats aren't as tidy as I'd like them to be so when I go over then I'll implement the insane nightmare mode! Possibly update 1.4.4. It will be very fun!
    Oh also there's a new mod called Doomlike Dungeons, it randomly generates dungeons from themes found in the config directory and can make use of mod blocks as well as mod mobs! It's very early in development but is pretty damn stable and awesome!
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  12. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Greymerk is working on this for roguelike also.
  13. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    An nice, this should be interesting then!
  14. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Btw @Greymerk has an account here now! I like having all my new favorite mod devs in a place where it's easier to talk with them. I hate MCF's messaging system.
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  15. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    perhaps make it so you need to prick a creature with the quill, so a drop of blood from a creature is needed to be able to write the information in your book using the quill, by doing this you'll hurt the creature and it'll start to attack you. this way it's a bit more challenging to gather the information
  16. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    The thing I hate the most about MCF is how buggy it is, BBCode is constantly slipping into my posts and I sometimes lose all my new lines or get a bunch of html when editing posts!

    Sounds interesting but the mobs would be aggressive anyway except for the peaceful ones which are few, I think just right clicking with a Book and Quill would be best as it's quite simple and doesn't involve adding any new items apart from the Beastiary Pages, I think I could make so that you can craft pages with a book to make a Beastiary Book where you can keep adding pages, this book can then also be copied and traded too.
  17. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    Well another update is out! It fixes a few bugs too, I'll update the first post with any recent fixes! Also Ents!
  18. Greymerk

    Greymerk New Member

    I'm thinking to put in some way you can augment spawns in roguelike dungeons in some fashion by adding the mob id strings into some lists in the config file. My hope is to make it dynamic so that you can add/remove them without having to generate new dungeons for the changes to take effect.

    My intuition says this can be done. I haven't really tested things out yet. It would be really cool if the ftb wiki, or something, had a list of mob id strings. It's kinda hard to find this information about mods that add creatures. Or I just don't know where to look.
  19. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Check with @FatherToast. I believe he may know how to do this. He has some awesome mods that deal with mobs.
  20. Lycanite

    Lycanite New Member

    Mods that add mobs and use their own EntityList (such as my mod) should use EntityRegistry.registerModEntity, it adds a mapping to the vanilla EntityList class which has several static maps, such as EntityList.stringToClassMapping, if you loop through one of those you'll get what you need (it normally adds them as 'ModID.MobName' for example 'DemonMobs.Belph'). Some mods might not use the forge registry in which case they can still manually add their mobs to the list or they just use the vanilla list, in this case it'll just be 'MobName'.

    I think changing the spawners is just a matter of changing the mob name from there, I'm not entirely certain though.

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