Open Server Lost Inside Mindcrack Server

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Jul 29, 2019
Lost Inside Mindcrack
Version: 8.3.2
IP: Removed tell I get admin tools on
This is a server that I am building and designing as a project to help me learn Linux. Right now it is just family that gets on but it is getting kind of boring. I would love to see what you can build.
Owner: Ashen_Dreams
Co-Owner: Wifeypoo
Banned Items:
Chunk Loader, Thaumcraft’s Drill, Phase 1 – 3 Mob Spawner (must have a switch attached)
Respect Others, Do not use Hacked or Modified Clients made for cheating.
Do not abuse bugs or glitches such as dupe glitches.
Do not ask for Rank or Items from staff. (I am on survival mode just like you)
Do not Create Lag machines
Do not pvp Camp, TP Kill or Spawn Kill
I reserve the right to update these rules at a moment’s notice. I will post updated rules at spawn point and here.
Cannot wait to see what you can build.
Slots available 8 (if my machine can handle it, I will be increasing this!)