Looking for LP Partner

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Jul 29, 2019
Title says it all. I'm looking for some one to make an LP with. I'm playing the monster pack and i can run a server from my computer till i get get a hosted one running. I would prefer you be on the west coast or pacific standard time. Ive tried making one by my self but it is just too damn boring.

New to FTB and Monster is fine.
Please be mature... ish,
No age requirement. Like i said, please be mature...ish
Skype is required as well or a TS server.

Im not picky just PM me.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hello I would like to you join your LP, im an average FTB player and im good with plenty of mods,
Country:Egypt (I Can Speak English Duh)
I would like to play FTB Unleashed, it's my favourite modpack and it doesn't lag at all,
I'm sorry i didn't know how to private message you :)
Timezone:UTC+(2:00) (EST+(7:00))
I'm free almost all day!!!
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