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Casual Server Looking for 1-2 People to play with

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Melker Andréason, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Melker Andréason

    Melker Andréason New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for 1-2 players to play with. I'm going to rent a server, you guys don't have to worry about paying or anything, got my finances sorted out.
    You gotta be 15+, (I'm 18) and you gotta have a sense of humor. You must either know Swedish or English. Preferably your timezone should be relatively close to mine (CEST) but that doesn't matter too much. Skype will be the means of communication. So, anyone up for a bit of Agrarian Skies, Yogscast style?

  2. TGK_Vitality

    TGK_Vitality New Member

    yea, i'm looking for someone to play with, I'm 17, i have a mic and Skype, i'm in central timezone, and can play most everyday between 8-12PM. and i definitely have a sense of humor.

    P.S. Yogscast is awesome.

    Edit: I misread the part about timezone, i thought it said CST. i'm in the United States in central timezone which is i believe 7 hours behind you.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2014
  3. Melker Andréason

    Melker Andréason New Member

    Well, I usually play at night, around like 8PM -3AM, that would mean from 1 PM-6 PM for you. Can you play during these hours?
  4. TGK_Vitality

    TGK_Vitality New Member

    I wish I could, the only time I could play is like 7PM-1AM, sorry man, hope you find someone who can play.
  5. Bourbonbeta

    Bourbonbeta New Member

    I'm EST, but I'm free during those hours. I have a headset, and I don't see any technical issues. P.S. I am dave! Yognaut
  6. Melker Andréason

    Melker Andréason New Member

    Nice bourbon, PM me with skype username and I'll add you and give you the IP-adress for the server!
  7. Jugglez

    Jugglez New Member

    I'm Est as well.. but i'll be able to play with some people. I really enjoy this mod. Its more fun playing co-op
  8. Arandomperson

    Arandomperson New Member

    UCT +2, can play mostly anytime, 18, have mic and skype. Been looking for someone to play it yogscast style for a while :p
  9. Melker Andréason

    Melker Andréason New Member

    Awesome, jugglez and Arandomperson (also bourbon) Tomorrow we start the server, that okay with u guys?
  10. Arandomperson

    Arandomperson New Member

  11. Arandomperson

    Arandomperson New Member

    but how will you know to contact us when you start the server? my skype is andreiradu95
  12. Melker Andréason

    Melker Andréason New Member

    I'm starting the server now, I've added you on skype arandomperson and bourbon, Jugglez add me (milkarn)
  13. Mr_Tiny

    Mr_Tiny New Member

    Hey im edt and im 16 and i was wondering if i could still join i have played a little bit of agrarian skies and i can pla from around 1pm to 3pm i have skype and a mic
  14. kevmert

    kevmert New Member

    Yo, is this offer still available or are you guys full, 20 and have Skype, I'm looking to play with some people cause I've hosted several servers and had the people playing with me drop without notice, I'm on UTC -8 and am usually able to play anywhere from 10am to 10pm so that fits nicely with you guys
  15. dragonwizard1

    dragonwizard1 New Member

    hey man i'd kile to play some agrariant skyies with you mut i life in nederland and if you life in the UK then i'm 6hours later in time is that an issue?

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