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Open Server Lolnet [FTB] [Monster 1.1.1] - No PvP | No Raid | MyTown | Low Lag | Mature Staff

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Elvenkind, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Elvenkind

    Elvenkind New Member

    Welcome to Lolnet servers. New Zealand's largest Minecraft gaming community.

    Our Server IPs:
    ftb.lolnet.co.nz -FTB Server lobby

    monster2.lolnet.co.nz -Monster 1.1.1

    magicfarm.lolnet.co.nz -Magic Farm 2 2.1.13
    as.lolnet.co.nz -Agrarian Skies 3.1.2

    Our Aim:
    We aim to bring you the best modded minecraft experience possible, with our experienced owners and staff who care about our players and community.


    • MyTown - Town protection that keeps your bases secure
    • Inter server chat
    • Experienced mature Staff
    • Mature worldwide English speaking player base
    • Lolnet competitions and prizes
    • Community Build Projects
    • Quality hardware for high server reliability
    • Spawn shops

    We aim to have a small banned items list, and we only ban items to ensure we can run high performing servers that everyone can enjoy.

    Monster is a survival server. All players are able to create towns to ensure their buildings are protected.

    Users can visit our forums and register to gain [Member] status : http://lolnet.co.nz
    Feel free to vote for us at https://www.lolnet.co.nz/vote.php
    And join us on mumble voice chat server at mumble.lolnet.co.nz: 64738

    We have simple rules:

    • No Hacking
    • No griefing. You will be caught and banned.
    • No spamming chat/Advertising
    • No Sexism/Racism/Abusive Behaviour/Harassment
    • No Begging/Whinging
    • Summary: Treat other players, staff and the server with respect.
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