Open Server LMG Infamy Warfare 1.4.1 | Open | PVP Survival | 24/7 | 30 Slot | Plugins

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Jul 29, 2019
The new Last Mag Gaming FTB Minecraft server.
Modpack : FTB Infamy Warfare
This is an anything goes, balls to the wall, kiss your ass goodbye server. No protection plugins, no restrictions. If you can build it, you can use it and effect everyone around you. There are a few items that are un-craftable for server killing reasons but other than that, unleash hell on your enemy or hide behind your bunkers and hidden walls.​
Towny or Factions is currently not installed but up for consideration. The idea behind the server is to bring it back to the old days of minecraft where people can just protect their stuff in a town and never worry. With this you have to know how to hide or how to make allies. There are mods that protect you and items that hide your things so we consider it unnecessary for a protection plugin.​
No Bombing spawn
No exploiting or hacking
No harassment
No spamming
No advertising
Respect and listed to all staff
Please speak English in global chat
Essentials - Added​
Server side admin plugins - Added​
Economy - Planned​
Shops - Planned​
More planned.​
Staff Information
Other positions will be granted to people later on, please don't ask to be admin.​