[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Cooleyo_Man

    Cooleyo_Man Guest

    Blast Off! is a third party pack. On the top of the FTB launcher there are 5 tabs. The 4th tab is Third Party Packs. The bottom of that list is where you should find it.
  2. maiconimortal

    maiconimortal New Member

    I can't start BlastOff in Curse and in FTB launcher BlastOff is not apear.
  3. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I think it was unlisted a while ago. The pack code still works fine though. The code is "BlastOff" with exactly those capital letters.
  4. maiconimortal

    maiconimortal New Member

    In the Curse no run, the launcher run but the game not open. In FTB launcher it's ok now with the code. Thanks ;)
  5. Nanimonai

    Nanimonai New Member

    So I just gave this modpack a try and am rather confused right now. Trying to do the quest for oak planks, which tells me to go to a nearby supply bunker, but all I see on the map (Version 1.3.3) are 3 desolate bunkers in which I instantly get mobbed to death when I dare use the elevator. I am clueless as to how I am supposed to get anything done. All I have in the starting chest of the basement room of the starting bunker is a chest with armor, weapons, ome food and books (food diary, quest book and engineer book). Adding the sapling storage cell into the I/O port and pushing the button also didn't seem to do anything. Would it be possible to give me some minor hints without spoiling too much?
  6. MC_Hoarder

    MC_Hoarder New Member

    Put the sapling storage in the ae spacial drive and push the button then go upstairs and get a dirt and the watering can and a sapling then go outside and grow a tree with the watering can.
  7. 4lb1n0

    4lb1n0 New Member

    I want to playBlast Off again, but my FTB launcher stopped working for some reason, how am I supposed to exchange the files to play it "the old way"(place the archives on .minecraft)?
  8. MC_Hoarder

    MC_Hoarder New Member

    Not many pepole watch this thread anymore. I usually don't get help here but the main tech support forum might be a good place to ask especially if it's the launcher. What is the launcher doing?
  9. sys2k77

    sys2k77 Guest

    I have the problem for yampst mod i stuck for it to Querying api how to deal it?
    detail is:
    [23:24:45] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT/yampst]: [info.varden.yampst.alerts.AlertQueryer:getFromJsonApi:23]: [YAMPST] Querying http://api.yampst.net/alerts/v1.php...16-12-11+23:24:45&mcver=1.7.10&packver=1.1.18 for alerts...
    [23:37:17] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT/yampst]: [info.varden.yampst.alerts.AlertQueryer:getFromJsonApi:97]: [YAMPST] Failed to receive alerts! Stack trace follows.
  10. GoldBlockIngot

    GoldBlockIngot New Member

    Does anyone have XZ coordinates for a snow dungeon? I've been looking everywhere in order to find some sugar cane.
  11. Cyrran

    Cyrran Guest

    Botania doesn't fully function in this modpack. You can't infuse mana glass or mana steel. The infusing visual doesn't show up when you hold the items over the mana pool, and when you drop them on it, nothing happens. The alchemy catalyst also can't be created because livingrock can't be added to the runic altar as part of the recipe.

    EDIT: I figured out that mana glass and mana steel weren't infusing because they require the alchemy catalyst. I fixed the problem with the custom alchemy catalyst recipe by replacing "botania:livingrock" with "minecraft:stone" in the Botania.zs Modtweaker script file.
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  12. immibis

    immibis New Member

    @karmarcharger What are the changes in 1.3.4? It's missing from the first port changelog.
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  13. ajwarren227

    ajwarren227 Guest

    So. I have a problem with the shell constructor. when i right clicked it to give dna my client shut down and says a fatal error has occurred. Then i cant play that world anymore. can someone help
  14. Can you upgrade the mods pack to support forge 1614?

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