Liquid Glass

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MrMindyMindMaxi, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. MrMindyMindMaxi

    MrMindyMindMaxi Active Member

    How do you get liquid glass? (I'm using MindCrack modpack)
  2. Zerren

    Zerren Well-Known Member

    Put glass, glass panes, or sand in the top left slot of the Thermionic Fabricator. Give it power (1-2 MJ/t) and it heats up and melts the glass for use in crafting circuit tubes. It's not actually a real liquid, you can't pipe it around and such.
  3. Icarus White

    Icarus White Active Member

    As a note, sand requires a higher temperature (and thus more power) than glass will. Further, the Fabricator will continue to use power to keep itself hot, so you should work quickly.

    More amusingly, the Fabricator can also melt metals - you can use this with wax molds to make things, although I'm not sure why you would.
  4. MrMindyMindMaxi

    MrMindyMindMaxi Active Member

  5. Zerren

    Zerren Well-Known Member

    You actually get a bonus when you use this method; one gear requires about 3.75 ingots instead of 4. In long production chains they're quite good.
  6. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    but not the diamond one

    JTTCOTE New Member

    I was finding my redstone engines weren't powering a therimonic fabricator - don't use those. And yeah, don't put diamonds into a thermonic fabricator. It just eats them up.

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    I'm not surprised that the Redstone engine couldn't power a thermionic I've had it suck a full energy cell set at 100MJ dry very swiftly. On hardmode settings for Forestry 10 magmatics couldn't keep it happy (as well as the single crucible to feed them) so it (on hardmode) has a power requirement higher than 20MJ\tick and considering that hardmode is a X4 requirement it requires at least 5 MJ\t for normalmode for full working speed. Another thing is when it is not in use find some way to break the power supply circuit as it will constantly use it's full requirement even when idling.
  9. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    Those molten materials will disappears if the heat isn't hot enough to keeps it at a liquid state so I would just makes gears the old fashion way to conserve MJ and resources on the hassle of molding up gears.

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