Greylist Server Liberty City Gaming [FTB Ultimate | Greylist | 100 Slot | 24/7 | No-PVP]

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Jul 29, 2019
Liberty City Gaming’s FTB Ultimate Server
Server IP:
Current Version: FTB Ultimate v1.0.1
To apply for full builder's rights, visit here and follow the instructions:

General Information:
Gameplay Information:
1. This server is running Normal Difficulty
2. PVP is not allowed! (An Arena will be made soon for PVP abilities)
3. We have an an AFK-Autokicker that will kick you after 15 minutes of inactivity
General Rules:
1. Be Respectful to ALL Players
2. Use Common Sense
3. No Griefing
4. No Stealing
5. No Excessive Swearing (Some is fine, just do not spam)
6. No Racism
7. No Spamming
8. No Hacking or Cheating
9. Do NOT Leave Floating Trees
10. Do Not Build Inappropriate things (Let's Please Keep It Clean)
11. Do NOT Troll or be a Douche
12. Do NOT Beg for Anything
13. No Filler Mining
14. Turn OFF ALL Quarries, Engines, and Machines when you are not online.
15. The Admins Have the Final Word. Always!
*These rules may be changed at any time*
Common Courtesy/Common Rules:
1. Do NOT make 1x1 Towers and Leave Them Standing
2. Replant Trees After Chopping Them Down
3. Do Not Slay All the Animals. Please Leave Some for Other Players
4. Respect Other Players Distance. Do Not Build Too Close to Another Player Without Getting Permission First.
5. Keep the World Clean. Do Not Leave Random Blocks, Messed Up/Damaged Buildings, Other Unsightly Things.
Minecraft Port Central Plus (Enables the use of Bukkit Plugins)
Mentionable Plugins:
- Essentials
- Highway
- iAuction
- iConomy
- LogBlock
- PermissionsEX
- ShowcaseStandalone
- Towny
- Vault
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
*There are more back end plugins that do not need to be listed as most players will not know they are there*
Disabled Items:
- Hunter's Handgun
- Mining Turtle
- Wireless Mining Turtle
- Portable Hole
- Xycraft Fabricator
- Canvas Bag
- All Chunk Loaders with the exception of Personal Anchors from the Railcraft mod.
- Mystcraft Age generation is disabled
- Xycraft Tanks
*This list is subject to change without warning if we find any more issues*
Website and Teamspeak:
Please visit our website and forums!
To apply for full builder's rights, visit here and follow the instructions:

Teamspeak IP:
Beta and After Beta Information:
The server and map are currently in Beta form. During this process the owner will be completing configurations and dealing with bugs as they present themselves. When the owner is confident that the server is secure it will be fully released and the map and all items will be reset. The Beta map will be made available to all players to download if they so wish to continue whatever project they were working on.