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Leaking World? Help is here.

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Booker The Geek, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    So I have read MANY posts about this issue, and have a couple of TEMP fix's for it.​
    1. On windows, you should be using the latest version of Java. You can get it HERE.
      • You need to "Accept License Agreement" first!
      • If your windows is 32bit, download "Windows x86 Offline" the file file name is "jre-7u15-windows-i586.exe" (x86 = 32bit computers)
      • If your windows is 64bit, download "Windows x64" the file name is "jre-7u15-windows-x64.exe"
      • Uninstall all Java from your computer.
      • Restart your Computer.
      • Install Java
      • Restart your Computer.
    2. For Mac's, You need to know what version of OS X you are using. You will NEED to be using JAVA 6, not JAVA 7. I know this sucks, but until apple/oracle/LWJGL people sort everything out, your sorta kinda stuck. Minecraft for Mac doesn't work with Oracle's Java 7. Stick to the Apple-provided Java 6 for now.
      1. Java for OS X 10.8.x Follow the directions in this post.
      2. Java for OS X 2012-006
      3. Java for Mac OS X 10.6
      4. Java for Mac OS X 10.5
      5. Java for Mac OS X 10.4
    Open Java Preferences and check which versions of Java are installed and what the preferred run order is.​
    Sort it so that Java 6 64bit is on top, then Java 6 32bit, Java 5 64bit, Java 5 32bit etc.​
    How to re-enable JAVA Apps
    Follow the link HERE and follow the directions if they apply to you.​
    Mac JAVA Downgrade
    1. Go to the Macintosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder and delete the file "JavaAppletPlugin.plugin"
    2. Open the Terminal and run the following commands (each on one line):
    cd /System/Library/Java/Support/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/
    sudo ln -sf JavaPlugin2_NPAPI.plugin /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
    sudo ln -sf /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Commands/javaws /usr/bin/javaws
    More For OS X 10.8.x
    Go HERE to Disable GATEKEEPER on Mac's....​
    (Normally I would not tell people to disable security software..... But this is stupid)​
    Fix #1
    The Disable Mod fix​
    1. Backup everything. Your entire FTB folder and FTB Launcher folder.
      • Did you back it up? Are you sure? I am not to be held responsible if you do not.
    2. Delete your FTB Folder and FTB launcher folder. NOT THE BACKUPS!
    3. Re-download the launcher from the FTB website Here.
    4. Launch the launcher.
    5. Go to the options tab,
      1. Set the install folder to "C:\FTB\" on Windows or "/FTB/" on Mac's
      2. Change the download location to anything other then "US West" or "Automatic"
    6. Select the Mod pack of your choice. USE THE RECOMMENDED VERSION!
      • If it is not downloading, Check HERE to make sure the REPO's are online. (Might not work with Firefox, use Chrome or IE.)
    7. Launch Minecraft.
    8. Start a New game.
      • Do Nothing in this game, just get to the point where you can check you inventory, the save and exit.
    9. Quit Minecraft.
    10. Relaunch Minecraft.
      • Did it ask you to update? If yes, do so, then keep re-launching until it does not ask you to update anymore.
    11. Quit Minecraft again.
    12. At the launcher screen, we are going to want to go and select "Edit Mod pack" Disable The following mods:
      • Mystcraft
      • Twilight Forest
      • All three "wirelessredstoneaddons"
      • Portal Gun
    13. Close That window, and launch Minecraft.
    14. Reopen your saved game. You will get a screen warning you that things are missing. (Of course they are, we turned some mods off.) Click yes.
    15. After messing around for a little bit in your new game, if everything is good, Exit Minecraft, and copy the backup of your saved game into the new FTB folder. Relaunch Minecraft and open your old game. It will tell you things are missing, cause we turned off some mods. Click yes.
    Fix #2
    The Place chunk-loader fix​
    1. Go to your saved game, and enter creative mode.
    2. Go to each dimension other then the overworld.
      • Nether
      • The End
      • Mystcraft Worlds
      • Twilight Forest
    3. Place a Chunk-loader
      • Mmake sure the loader is performing, that it is properly doing its job and turned on.
    4. Go back to the Overworld.
    5. Save and exit your game.
    6. Restart your game.
      1. This should stop any world leaking
    Fix #2 was (To my knowledge) posted by Naolas HERE.

    One or both of these TEMP fix's should let you play without your Game, even with the "Leaking worlds" in the console, without your game crashing/freezing. If you are still Freezing/Crashing AND getting these errors in the console, START A NEW THREAD with The following
    1. The console log (in debug mode).
    2. The crash report.
    You should also follow the guidelines posted HERE when you post your problem, as it will help us help you better.

    {edit} Modified post to reflect info from Ashzification.
    {edit} Fixed some spelling and stuff..
    {edit} Updated Java Install instructions, thx Velotican
    {edit} Added extra Java download for OS X 10.7.x
    {edit} Changed install folder for Mac's, thx GuntherDW
    {edit} Updated for Mac
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  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Java fixing:
    Only install the Windows x86 version if you have Windows 32 bit installed. (for future reference, x86 means 32 bits)
    Fix 1, step 5 bullet:
    Should be noted that the status page may not work properly for Firefox users.
  3. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Fixed. Thank You.
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  4. Minemadman

    Minemadman New Member

    Ty both ,helped a load. Who needs wireless or poertals anyway :D
  5. bryce0110

    bryce0110 New Member

    I have a Question. I sometimes play Spoutcraft and that needs Java 6 but i am making a Mod pack and i need java 7 so how do i install Both?
  6. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    You can install both, but minecraft will only use one of them.
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  7. Dark_Arkon

    Dark_Arkon New Member

    I got my server up and going but it is having world leaks. These solutions look like they apply to single games but will it work on a server, and do I need to have all the people that play on my server unload the same mods?

    Side note: Booker you had asked me to let you know what set up I use when I got the server going. A friend helped me piece together a desktop. Dual core, 8GBP ram, windows 7. Its all dedicated to the server. Been runing smooth for about a week, and now these problems. No good thing without a fight I guess.
  8. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    No, all good things must be fought for. :D

    I believe they will work on a server, but you are correct as all people would need to disable to the mods. If you are going to test this, could you report back to me your results?
  9. JimmyFTB

    JimmyFTB New Member

    Just thought I would share this with you Booker, since you have been helping others out with FTB crashing/leaking memory.

    FTB started crashing on me a couple days ago. Either I would not get any type of error or warning - my window would just close, or I would get an error to do with java (sorry I can not remember the exact message). After looking in these forums and trying a couple of things, I opened up vanilla Minecraft and the same thing happened. I then uninstalled/installed java - which my version was Win8x64 jre-7u17, and still had the issue. So I went back to jre-7u15 and have had no issues since I installed it last night. Not 100% sure it has solved the issue since I have only had about 2 hours of game time, however, since it was crashing every 5-10 minutes it looks promising. Maybe this can help someone else with their issue.
  10. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member


    Could you do me a favor?
    1. When you launch FTB, Put the console into debug. And make sure the logging level is set to all.
    2. Load up a fresh updated version (Or not if you haven't loaded any other mods) of your favorite modpack.
    3. Launch Minecraft, Start a new world. After the console stops outputting (About 2-3 min) follow the directions HERE to make minecraft Crash.
    4. Put the crash report and console log in an attachment and post here please?
  11. Dark_Arkon

    Dark_Arkon New Member

    I'll work it over during the weekend, i'll let you know the results.
  12. JimmyFTB

    JimmyFTB New Member

    Hopefully I got what you are looking for. This is my first time working with the console or a crash report.

    Console - http://pastebin.com/gn4FnJxb
    Crash Report - http://pastebin.com/3xKTvCGw

    I use Mindcrack v8.1.1, and like I mentioned before I have not crashed in about 2 hours, however the thing that jumped out at me in the console was the world leak. I assume it must be luck that I have not crashed in that time.
  13. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    Might be worth mentioning for Win7 Users "Right Click File , Click Properties. This File Was Downloaded from the Internet? (Yes We Know That! Trust It Already!!)
  14. bryce0110

    bryce0110 New Member

    I did that but only Java 6 stayed
  15. Dark_Arkon

    Dark_Arkon New Member

    Hey Booker, I unloaded the three wirelessredstone mods and it stopped the world leaking, but when anyone logs into the server the cmd window starts repetitivly giving warnings, and says something about a mob bing in the wrong location, and then the player is kicked with a java error. I'm sorry I havn't actually posted the log, I'm not sure how from the cmd window. But if this happens every time now, is that a sign of the world being fully corrupted? When I restart the server it is fine, until someone tries to log in, and then it starts spaming those errors and kicks the player.
  16. Quesenek

    Quesenek New Member

    Holy sheit thanks for the help information on the leaking worlds. I placed the chunk loaders in all the dimensions and I went from the "cant keep up did the system time change" message 10 minutes to open a chest. To fast as hell on my dual core server.
  17. Forest3r

    Forest3r New Member

    Your link for java 6 for macs leads to the java 7 one.
  18. BIBLO

    BIBLO New Member

    this might be a newbish ?, but how do you get to
    • The End
    • Mystcraft Worlds
    • Twilight Forest
    in creative mode. Or do you mean put a chunk loader to only the places you been? As so far I have only been to the nether.
  19. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Thank's, I'll fix asap

    1. For the end, you need to find the stronghold with the end portal, (Or just make it from the creative menu)
    2. Mystcraft worlds only after you've been there
    3. Twilight forest just create a portal and transport there. )Make sure you take a linking book with you to be able to come back.)
  20. Legato

    Legato New Member

    I think this is the cause of my second problem in need of fixing. You wouldn't happen to have a fix for Ubuntu? Would be much appreciated!
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