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launcher invalid username

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by mrgreaper, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. mrgreaper

    mrgreaper Active Member

    ok so i got the launcher from dires twitter

    created a profile
    but it says invalid username when i try to launch

    all i really want is the redpower mod is there a way to extract it from the site or do we have to use the mod pack?

    still cant log in
    managed to access the ftbb and ftba zip files (i wont say how)
    thier just multimc instances!
    no redpower either
    and most of the mods are outdated (not by much ...a few days?)
    and ALL the mods can be got manualy

    whats the point in a mod pack where you can get them manualy and uptodate anyway ?
  2. Eldra

    Eldra New Member

    1. Read Dire's twitter again... BETA.
    2. The point is convenience. Any mod pack you can find can be done manually so I don't know what you expected.
  3. mrgreaper

    mrgreaper Active Member

    in the streams of slow pokes theres redpower logistics, dire wold has been using redpower in his spotlights. in the list of mods redpower is listed.
    it wasnt a stretch to expect redpower tbh

    1 guess the username thing isnt working in the beta which is a shame but yeah point taken its beta.

    2 i spose but then who doesnt know how to do this manualy by now? theres a milion guides (ok ok slight exageration) multimc makes install mods practicly drag and drop.
  4. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime Well-Known Member

    This was a testing of the launcher to make sure it could download and install the packs....Not a test of the mods themselves.

    If you aren't interested in helping the development of FTB , then don't worry about it.

    They will release the full Mod Pack when It is ready. Which may be awhile....1.4.3 is coming to minecraft I hear.
  5. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, again a person taking a random line and making it out of the context...

    Forgecraft is a server where mod developers alpha/beta test their mods and play together, it is in no way representative of any FTB pack, past or future.

    The FTB pack can't release the RP version they are using, as it is a closed alpha/beta, and they don't have the rights to distribute those, but as soon as the mods go public for 1.4.2, you will see the mods being added to the pack.
  6. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken Retirement Retired Staff

    The only thing Forgecraft is doing for the FTB team is testing there configs as both slowpoke101 and mattebase have said a number of times.
  7. Black team-2

    Black team-2 New Member

    Well i downloaded it, set up username, and it launched just fine
    if you have migrated to a mojang account you will have to use your email and not your username
  8. Eldra

    Eldra New Member

    Well, Eloraam seems like she's going to hold on to RP2 until she's happy with it. It's getting a little annoying seeing it paraded around constantly but that's another story for another thread.

    As far as manually installing mods. I actually prefer to install my own mods manually. I'm not usually one to have multiple instances with different mods. I only play on one server which I run and it uses the mods I want anyways. Got everything pretty much up to date for 1.4.2 now so having a modpack at this point would be redundant. I can see why people choose to use them though. There's nothing wrong with it. Tekkit was a success because it made things easy for people. Any additional attention towards mods and the mod community is a good thing so..
  9. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    As this is a tech support question it has been moved.
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