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Whitelist Server Land of the Ghast | Direwolf20 | 1.6.4 | 1.0.21 | White List

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by GhastRenave, May 11, 2014.


What ould you most like in a starter kit?

  1. 3 Diamonds

  2. Bed

  3. Iron pick

  4. stack of wood

  5. stack of torches

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member


    Server specs
    Mod Pack: Direwolf20 1.6.4 1.0.21
    48 person max
    Admin: GhastRenave
    Team Speak: yes, 10 slots


    1. limit 2 mystcraft worlds per player
    2. no chunkloaders are allowed on the server (without getting admin approval first)
    3. 1 quarry per person, enderthermic or otherwise
    4. No destructive pranks
    5. No stealing
    6. No recording without admin approval, and even then you must notify the users on the team speak channel
    7. Don't be a jerk
    8. Don't be a Jerk
    9. Don't be a Jerk

    Overworld spawn

    Things to know about the server

    1. we allow one biome per person for a base we assign it the first time you log in, you tell me what kind you want and we look around for the best one for you

    2. We have a mystcraft gate hub system set up, at the overworld spawn there is a gate to both the nether and the digger world hubs. At these hubs are gates to the other hubs and to the base biomes of all the players that are active on the server.

    3. We use the Black|Black|Black enderchest for trading on the server, you will recieve one in your starter pack given right before you choose your base biome to setup

    4. You can mine in any biome you want as long as you are not disturbing bases, farms or quarries of other players

    Now for the applications:

    Playtime average per week:
    Recording: Y\N
    Teamspeak: Y\N
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?:
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014
  2. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    Still looking for people.
  3. Tacomancer

    Tacomancer New Member

    might want to post about Server location. ppl are more likely to be interested in servers near them for less lag.
  4. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    oh its somewhere in New York I'm using a fragnet server. I can't think of the exact town at the moment.
  5. Fiic

    Fiic New Member

    Well let me be the first applicant

    Username: Fiic
    Age: Old (31)
    Playtime average per week: Too much to count
    Recording: N
    Teamspeak: N (at least not yet. No mic.)
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?: I am mature ( at least I better be for my age). My plans are to first get my own infrastructure set up and then help out anyone who needs it. I have decent knowledge of most the mods and have gotten bored of playing single player.
  6. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    I shall approve you tomorrow morning around 10 am EST what time would you be most likely to get online just so I can help you settle in
  7. Fiic

    Fiic New Member

    Not sure the exact time but probably not until the evening sometime. As I am in a different time zone probably around 8 or 9 pm EST.
  8. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    I won't be able to be on from 7-10pm that night so just head in any direction but north from the spawn and you wont run into any bases of other people or at least you shouldn't
  9. Porter243

    Porter243 New Member

    Username: porter243
    Age: 23
    Playtime average per week: at least once a day for about 3-4 hours
    Recording: No
    Teamspeak: Yes I have a headset and teamspeak
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?: Ill obey the rules and I plan on building a great automated base with new frineds
  10. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    both of you are now white listed. (Fiic and Porter243)
  11. Baby Ziggles

    Baby Ziggles New Member

    Username: ScribbleQ
    Age: 15 (B-Day is May 22, so pretty close)
    Playtime average per week: once a day, 1-2 hours but sometimes more
    Recording: No
    Teamspeak: Yes
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?: Server sounds very well established and the basis for a very nice community, and I would love to be part of it. I hope I can do what I can to become friends with your members.
  12. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    I'm gonna whitelist you in like five minutes, once I log into it.
  13. lowieke123 (2)

    lowieke123 (2) New Member

    Username: lowieke123
    Playtime average per week: depends on how many tests I got a week, most of the time I play 5 hours a week. Could be more could be less.
    Recording: Y\N, yes ive a youtube channel but im not recording. There is a small little chance ill record some time.
    Teamspeak: Y, ive teamspeak. Im dutch btw so it could be ive a little accent :)
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?: Why should you not whitelist me. Ive lots of experience with direwolf20 and help many players( with items or machinery setup). Im going to play a lot of mods, setting up a lot of machines and making everything automated. Dont like doing anything manual :p.

    Edit: Im in a different timezone so I will be playing at night. (At my place it is day)
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
  14. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    whitelisted lowieke123
  15. lowieke123 (2)

    lowieke123 (2) New Member

    When do I get my biome assigned? and thanks btw :)
    I would like a magic biome(thaumcraft).
  16. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    You can as soon as I get on again or you can find one yourself and I can mark it later the magical forest north of spawn is mine but i think to the south west there is another one that no one has taken.
  17. lowieke123 (2)

    lowieke123 (2) New Member

    Found magic biome coords are : x -1460 y 65 z 2692
  18. George Duggan

    George Duggan New Member

    Playtime average per week:Weekends sometimes week
    Recording: Y
    Teamspeak: Y
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?:i would like to play on this server because i want to play with other members on the server and help members with the mods they might not no or understand
  19. GhastRenave

    GhastRenave New Member

    whitelisted MrGeorge547
  20. Skarate

    Skarate New Member

    Username: SKarate
    Age: 23
    Playtime average per week: I play daily
    Recording: Y
    Teamspeak: Y
    Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?:

    Why you should whitelist me is because I tend to help out as much as I can while playing, while still accomplishing my own goals, which are generally to make things pretty.

    My plans for this server is actually to step into recording. I recently have had the itch to start up my own LP, for various different reasons, and have been looking for a good white-listed server to do it with.

    Thank You,
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