Joe's Big Castle Complex with some nice spaces for building factories. Near a village.


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Jul 29, 2019
I used the seed "Glacier" and it created a landscape with some really great mountains and rock formations.
I decided to start off in creative mode just to make a little hut and a nice space for building machines with the intention of switching back to survival when I was done. Well about a month later and still in creative mode, we now have a huge castle complex, several different areas for building up a factory, one in the basement of the main castle and one deep under the mountain, as well as a huge statue of a knight lighting a massive fart on fire to commemorate "Sir Ian McTootsybottom and his heroic actions in the battle of Crumpet Cove where he wiped out an entire wave of zombies but lighting one of his mighty farts."

This is a great map for jumping right in in survival mode and start mining and building machines. There's tons of space if you want to host it on a server with a few friends, and there are chests left here and there with "goodies" in them to help jump-start things, but not too much so as to remove the need to mine for stuff.

I had a lot of fun building it and hope you enjoy it.
(You can probably guess my favorite colors by all the lamps everywhere. What can I say? I love lamp.)

A statue commemorating Sir Ian McTootsybottum.

view of whole complex from afar. You can see the mote guarding the front wall and the main castle in the distance up on the hill.

A view of the back of the main castle. From here you can see the wizard's tower.


Looking up at the wizard's tower from below. You can see how it is suspended over a crevasse leading into some lovely caves.


The back door of the underground factory floor leads out to a beautiful cavern.

Factory floor deep under the mountain.

Bridge leading from the top of a lower tower to the gate of the castle on top of the mountain.


The king's court


the factory floor one level below the king's court. there are hallways around the perimeter and a space below the factory floor for easy pipe and cable management for those who like to keep their pipes and cables out of the way.


one of the hallways mentioned above for keeping pipes and cables out of the way.


another view of the lower level part of the complex.


here's a link to the zipped up save.
just click the link and it will take you to the file in my Skydrive account. the just right click on the file and select "download." Then extract it to the "saves" folder where you have the Ultimate Mod Pack installed.!16282&authkey=!AJKjIGqlH87WrWs


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Jul 29, 2019
Thanks man! I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy. The seed I used for the world was "glacier". It's got some stunning mountains plus some nearby villages. The only thing that bugs me, not sure if it's the seed or what, but I'm finding it hard to find tin. It's rare on this map for some reason.