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Whitelist Server J.D.G Craft |Direwolf20 1.7|Mature 21+ |Small Whitelist 5-7 players|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by cwilson21, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    Hey guys cwilson here!

    Looking for a few mature players that are interested and joining me and a friend on our server. Currently we are running the latest DW20 ModPack and we just started our world.

    Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
    64G Ram (16G Dedicated to MC)
    3x2tb HDD w/ LSI MEGARaid Controler
    Completely dedicated platform.

    --Players Currently--

    Don't be a doorknob!

    -To Join Us-
    Please post the following:
    IGN(In-Game Name):
    Do you have mumble?(This is what we would like for communication)
    What Time-Zone are you in?
  2. James110508

    James110508 New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): James110508
    Do you have mumble?: No but I'm not opposed to looking into it
    What Time-Zone are you in?: EST
    Age(21+): 24

    IGN(In-Game Name): Xenogami
    Do you have mumble?: Would have to check but he may
    What Time-Zone are you in?: EST
    Age(21+): 24+

    I am only posting for Xenogami because he is currently at work and is not able to register on these forums and post an application for himself at this time. However we are very good friends are only looking for a stable server that we can enjoy building on without any trouble or drama. We have no history of knobbery so I can promise you we wouldn't be a problem :) I hope you'll accept us!
  3. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    Hi James110508,

    Both you and Xenogami have been white-listed. The server IP is
  4. Macoza

    Macoza New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): macoza
    Do you have mumble?: Yes
    What Time- Central
    Age(21+): 21
  5. Themips

    Themips New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name):TheMips
    Do you have mumble? Would just have to reinstall
    What Time-Zone are you in? EST
    Age(21+): 26
  6. Tonyajc2

    Tonyajc2 New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): ajc2123
    Do you have mumble?Yes
    What Time-Zone are you in? Central USA
  7. PintOfBass

    PintOfBass New Member

    I do have mumble installed.
    Mountain US
    35 years of age.
  8. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    Thank you for the post guys!! I am going to reset the server when I get home tonight and get things set-up and ready to go again. Me and my friend wrecked the current world and once reset everyone that has posted will be white-listed. I will provide you all with private messages with the connection information for the server!
  9. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    Slots are still open for this server. Feel free to update and I can whitelist :D
  10. Hysro

    Hysro New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): Hysro
    Do you have mumble? Not currently but I think Ive used it before.
    What Time-Zone are you in? EST
    Age(21+): 28
  11. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    Hysro, you have been white-listed. Feel free to join anytime. Mumble information I will send to you via PM
  12. Majd0910

    Majd0910 New Member

    Please post the following:
    IGN(In-Game Name): majd0910
    Do you have mumble?(This is what we would like for communication) I am open to this, ive heard some good things about it. I have a really good mic so i wouldn't be opposed to that.
    What Time-Zone are you in?: Central Timezone (Chicago Illinois)
    Age(21+): 16

    Now now, i know i am 5 years under. Its not my fault my mother did not swallow BUT, I am really mature and I have a shit load of free time since wrestlings over for now. I know that people generally become picky when selecting ages but i sound 24 and when i go to Mexico they serve me too much alcohol. SO I'd love to be in a small community, especially now since i haven't played in a couple of months and i want to get back in rhythm so I am begging if you would make the grand exception of letting a little (6'3) child into this extravagant server. I know almost all the mods and i have a very deep understanding of them. ALSO I would love to make some Youtube videos I don't know if you guys would be into that but i have friends who would help bring in views and what not but thanks for taking your time to read this :)

    You pronounce my name Mah-jd like that J in Jade and the D in Dalmatian.
  13. hookyo

    hookyo New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): hookyo
    Do you have mumble?Can install(have mic)
    What Time-Zone are you in? GMT+1
    Age(21+): Actually 21, hope its 21>=
  14. GySgtXerxes

    GySgtXerxes New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): GySgtXerxes
    Do you have mumble? I do not currently but I am willing to install.
    What Time-Zone are you in? Pacific Standard
    Age(21+): 24
  15. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name):CGasper
    Do you have mumble?(This is what we would like for communication): No, i don't. But i'm open to download it if needed.
    What Time-Zone are you in? UTC -3:00
  16. SuperSimon

    SuperSimon New Member

    IGN(In-Game Name): yogsog
    Do you have mumble? Yes
    What Time-Zone are you in? GMT + 1
    Age(21+): 33

    Looking for a small server with some ppl to play with
  17. cwilson21

    cwilson21 New Member

    No longer accepting players at this time. However you can post for further review maybe when the server restarts etc.

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