Items not disappearing upon destruction

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Jul 29, 2019
System is Phenom II 965BE 8GB RAM on a SSD and a 460GTX GPU. Nothing else is running. MC uses maybe 20% GPU and 25-40% CPU.

Ive recently started to have an issue, when I go to destroy a block as per usual, the block becomes destroyed, the sound alerts me its gone, but the graphic stays. if I press the 'esc' key it updates right away and the graphic goes away like it should. This doesn't happen consistently, but it happends enough and randomly (same spot sometimes) to start be real annoying.

Im assuming this is a common issue, but I have no idea what is causeing it let alone how to fix it. If it matters, I'm FTB Mindcrack 1.4.6, no texture mod.

Thanks for any insight.
Not open for further replies.