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Is there anything that can cause a nuclear reactor to spontaneously explode?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Shakie666, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    The other day I had finished my plutonium reactor to generate lots of lovely EU for my massfab. The layout of the reactor is shown here. I'm using a combination of golems and AE autocrafting to recharge the LZH condensators, which are fed by lapis bees. I even installed a nuclear control heat monitor to shut the reactor off if it got too hot (thought thats only an issue when the condensators are being replaced). Since the heat output of the plutonium cells is less than the reactor can produce before the heat monitor kicks in, there's no way it could explode.

    Guess what just happened?!?

    The entire thing is chunkloaded, and it managed a full cycle before without any problems. If anyone could answer the question in the title, please let me know.

    By the way, if you're wondering how I got that much plutonium, I re-enabled the 8 depleted cell recipe in the GregTech configs.
  2. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I can only assume some part of your automation failed. If I had to guess I would blame the golems they some times get lost, die, or fall through partial blocks.
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  3. Harvest88

    Harvest88 New Member

    Or it's an IC2 bug.. I had a completely safe quad thorium breeder reactor with 2 OCed heatvents with those 4 componet heatvents per Overclocked heat vent to keep them from melting. Oh and 4 IC2 "approved" mk1 o chamber reactors as well with only 6 uranium cells in them. Yea tell me how those exploded...
  4. Dackstrus

    Dackstrus New Member

    Chunkloaders make strange things happen... I never trust the bastards, and never will. From water not respawning in infinate water set-ups, to well.. Explosions, I never trust chunkloaders.
  5. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    Well, at the very least it looks like your "Location" is once more true to its word :D
  6. Sinxar

    Sinxar New Member

    You do realize that reactor planner is invalid for any remotely recent version of Gregtech right?

    Just an assumption since you don't say what version you are using. But if you are still using a super old pack then I would blame the golems first, then prolly blame CB.
  7. lukaszpoke

    lukaszpoke New Member

    Maybe the lapis bee wasn't fast enough and the chunk loader derped
  8. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    I was only using the reactor planner to show the reactor layout. In the version i'm using, plutonium is the same as in the planner except it produces less heat than before, meaning its even less likely to fail.

    The lapis bees were constantly being fed with untreated frames, meaning they produced way more lapis than I needed.

    I don't think its due to the chunk loader; I was stood in the next room when it blew (good thing I made the walls out of 3 layers of reinforced stone). I didn't even notice until I saw I has the hunger debuff.

    What's weird is that the nuclear control unit should have shut the reactor off when it got too hot, something that it had done successfully many times until then.

    Yes, this sort of thing is depressingly common. Not that i'm about to stop using reactors for my energy needs.
  9. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    golems probably jammed or something.
    if the condensators all got taken out at once and the golems lagged, near-instant boom
    minecraft seems to have this way of syncing things you didnt want synced, or didnt appear to be able to sync.
  10. lukaszpoke

    lukaszpoke New Member

    Morale of the story : Build a mark 1 reactor just in case anything should happen .
  11. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    I could, but where's the fun in that?

    As the old saying goes: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  12. Runo

    Runo New Member

    nuclear control is not a suitable control mechanism for crcs/ condensator reactors. Test it by switching the temp to zero, and youll see what I mean. It has a pretty significant delay before sending out its signal, and the temp reading only updates once a sec.

    I'm on a phone so I can't see the reactor design. What's the heat generation per tick, and what was the monitor set at?

    Here's another thing that can happen: cells falling into the condensator slots. How were you supplying the reactor with cells? Was it a slot specific mechanism?
  13. lukaszpoke

    lukaszpoke New Member

    Ok then i hope you enjoy your radiation poisoning.

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