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Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone

I appear to call me "Pyroman_Goliath." I created my Nickname in 1998.
He comes to the origin of a game that is called TA (Game Total Annihilation from 1997, very good game for my taste), it is a mix of 2 units.

But back to my rather Presentation :).
I am a shy and reserved person.
I have many passions in life, I biker since childhood, I love motorsport, sound in cars, and as IT. I love listening to all kind of music even 8 bits: D.
Being also a sports person, I like me wandered (while Current).

Who do studies in electrical engineering, I had a BAC PRO ELEEC (electro energy and communicating equipment). I immediately liked a general computing.
I started my specialized in the maintenance computer as an experience staff. Then gradually I was able extended my knowledges in computer networks, servers dedicated, VPS, virtualization, programming, etc ...

Since that day, I make small programs "BATCH" :), I also learned the language linux.
And it is around this time when I started in minecraft redstone for its systems

I started vanilla Minecraft beta 1.6 and in 2008 I started in Minecraft modes through FTB and since I became a designer and developer minecraft server modes Customs :).
I created more than 5 servers (between version 1.4.2 and 1.4.6), the fourth being a server 1.4.7 which is still functional and the last one I'm about to finish in 1.6.4.

Since I started on FTB and now that I have my "own mods pack" :) staff, I am even more acros the Redstone and is also especially because it offers more opportunity :).

What I love is with internet sharing, I have always loved to share my discovery. so for a short time I started on the production of video. And so on presentation of mods, tutorial, mods coding, the Redstone circuits, the Let's Play, and many other interesting things that fascinates me and that I would share with you via my blog. There will be several media such as video via my youtube channel and also in writing.

If not being France, I have a little trouble with English, I am using a translator, so did not want me too :)

If I come here to introduce myself is that I am still learning more, being fond of knowledge (a thirst for knowledge), I love to learn: D and share this knowledge.

Here I think it's a good presentation for my part, I just hope that the translation is good enough, and thus be welcome :) on your forum.

If you have any questions, I réponderai happy as long as it is not personal :)

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