[introderption] Foxkittfyre/Eeveefyre32x


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello there!

well.. let me just start off by saying this isnt my first time on any forum (i spend alot of time on Enjin Forums) and i happen to be more of a derp when it comes to computer stuff (i am (somehow) able to run updated games on a windows XP 32 bit (Or x86 for Those people) and only like 2 ram... maybe 4, idk my brother built this computer)

Some common questions i get asked.

Are you a guy?: Yes, trust me, name is very deceiving with this one... and i have missed quite ample of opportunities because of it..

What common role do you play in most MMOs?: Honestly, i play as the darker of the sides (Rift: Defiance, even though my strongest character is an Mathosian mage)

What other games do you commonly play?: Runescape, Rift, Terraria, GTA games (GTA V has out done it with the character switching) And Halo 4. (Incase you're wondering, Xbox gamer tag is Foxkittfyre)

What Minecraft servers do you normally play on: the only MC servers i pay attention to are the Brierie servers and Obsidiancraft.

in common MMO's, are you more support or tank?: Im more of a Tank, mainly because of the higher damage output and the lower reliance on other players, though, usually in large PVP games, im support.

You wanna play league with me?: no, im terrible at it, and im not afraid to say it. the only character i played as and was actually good was sonia (or whatever her name was)

Do you watch (insert famous Youtuber name): Mostly, i spend time watching Pewdiepie and CaptainSparkles (before you get on me about it, yes, i have tried youtube, and no, it is not as easy as anyone thinks, if you can get to Pewdiepie and CaptainSparkles level, you deserved to be paid)

With that... i shall give you this...