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Internal Exception: java.net.socketexception: java.net.SocketException: Connection Reset

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Xariez, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Xariez

    Xariez New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Im just gonna keep this short, its the third time i've written it and the forums are just messing with me, but either way, yesterday when me and a friend tried to play on my hamachi FTB TW2 server, all he gets is the "Internal Exception: java.net.socketexception: java.net.SocketException: Connection Reset" connection error, we have no idea why this is appearing because we did nothing special before this happened, and with that said, any help is appreciated!


    Also, the reason im posting this here, is because im really looking for help, and the support forums were not working for me at all.
  2. dothrom

    dothrom New Member

    I'd guess a firewall problem.
  3. Xariez

    Xariez New Member

    We do have our firewalls turned off, so that is sadly not the case
  4. dothrom

    dothrom New Member

    ... I hope not actually off. Just with the right ports forwarded. Be advised that a lot of current modems (at least DSL) have their own firewalls.

    Edit: did a quick google search... not a lot of definitive fixes. It is a connection issue, but appears to have several possible causes and fixes. I'd suggest looking those up and working though them.
  5. Xariez

    Xariez New Member

    I believe that the Antivirus, plus its type of protection is gonna hold, so my Windows Firewall is off, for me its just a waste of resources if you have a good Antivirus protecting you. Also, we didnt have this problem before, and it seems like its pointing towards a java error, so to be fair i doubt its that.

    Do you think a complete java and ftb reinstall would solve it, or are we looking at something else?
  6. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    Firewalls turned off can still cause problems. Particularly windows firewall. I periodically have to turn it back on to allow something, then re-disable it.

    As Dothrom said, the error you are getting is very generic. It's basically saying "I failed to connect." There are dozens of causes and possible solutions. It's hard to really say more, and who knows what will actually be the fix. Just start combing over everything connection related: Hamachi, firewalls, antivirus, port forwarding, the routers, the modems. Anything along those lines.
  7. dothrom

    dothrom New Member

    If your antivirus has its own firewall, then no, you don't need to have Windows firewall active. If it doesn't then yes you do need Windows firewall. Antivirus in and of itself is a very different function than a firewall. As such having some kind of firewall is very important, as it keeps attacks against your "ports" (what programs use to make network connections) out. A firewall is only a waste of resources when you have more than one running on your computer.
    You could try a reinstall. But that probably won't fix it. If the problem isn't firewall based, you could have IP addressing issues. Or there could be a problem with your ISP. Or something else. But it is a connection issue. If it was purely java/MC then you'd crash, not get a disconnect error.
  8. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    I recently had a slew of "socket closed" errors when running a server on Java 8.05 with the +UseConcMarkSweepGC argument set, which has been in use in many FTB default configs since forever. You've no idea what I went through to narrow it down to that. Looks completely unrelated but isn't.

    If you're running Java 8.x, consider downgrading to the latest Java 7 release, they're much more friendly with Minecraft. Especially if you're running 8.20 you're going to have a bad time(tm).
  9. Xariez

    Xariez New Member

    Oh i see, well that makes sense. Thanks for the info! :)

    I checked and i am not running Java 8, i am in fact running Java 7. But thanks for the info, i will check it with my friend to make sure hes not running Java 8
  10. Xariez

    Xariez New Member


    After some time in the chat, after troubleshooting, changing from hamachi, testing static and non-static IP's and alot of different things, we really got nowhere.
    However, i gave the server files to my friend with a much better internet connection, and look, it works like a charm!

    I appreciate everyones help, both in the chat and on here, have a great day/night/morning/evening, and i guess i'll cya all another time, unless you hop on the chat when im there, which is rather often :)


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