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Open Server InfinityMC | FTB Ultimate 24/7 | 100 Slots!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by xXDRAG0NxEAT3RXx, Apr 12, 2013.


    xXDRAG0NxEAT3RXx New Member

    InfinityMC A FTB Ultimate server!
    Server IP!:​
    Here are some pics!
    This is Spawn!​
    This is the plots!​
    The spawn rule board!​
    Here is the Mining ages​
    Here is the Twilight Forest Warp​
    • No Griefing
    • No Looting
    • No Harassment
    • No Spamming
    • No asking for items or OP
    • No Disrespect towards Staff

    Banned Items!
    • Mining Lasers
    • Mining Turtles (Mining turtles and quarries can be used in the mining age!)
    • Quarries
    • Wand of Excavation
    • Vajra
    Things to note!
    If going east Build 500 Blocks away!
    Quarries and mining turtles can be used in the mining age!
    Please don't use white white and white on the top of a ender chest!
    • /vote (use /vote list to get all votes you can do!
    • /rep + (name here) (use this to give rep to another player so that person can get a trusted rank use this please dont over do it)
    • /rep ? (name here) (use this to get the rep of your self or another player!)
    • /rep - (name here) (use this to minus rep to some one )
    • /lottery (use this to get all commands for the lottery!)
    • /sethome (use this to set home and use /home to get back to your setedhome)
    • /back (use this to get to your previous death/recent teleported location!)
    • /chest (to get a portable chest anywhere!)
    • /workbench (to get a portable workbench anywhere!)
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  3. delsolsi213

    delsolsi213 New Member

    forgot to add that by may 30th we're gona give a steam game away. random player will be choosen from registered members on the forums. and if their active. otherwise if you just register to win it you wont get it ^_^.

    xXDRAG0NxEAT3RXx New Member

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