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Open Server -+={InfinityMC Direwolf20 1.5.2 modpack version 1.1.1}=+- Creative, Skyblock, Mob Arena And more.

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by delsolsi213, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. delsolsi213

    delsolsi213 New Member

    InfinityMC is unique economy free build server, we offer more then most sevrers for free!
    we have a friendly helpful staff ready to help you with anything, friendly community and the best grief prevention mods/plugins to prevent griefing and a logblock plugin to roll it back, 20tps 99% of the time [when loading new unloaded chunks flying fast tps drops to 19.5, other then that it stays at 20] Make sure to enable Biomes O Plenty.
    Server RULES

    1. Be ethical
    2. Use common sense
    3. Be friendly
    4. No living near someones claim without his permissions
    5. Have fun
    6. No racism
    7. No sexism
    8. No griefing
    9. No hacking
    10. No duping
    11. No spamming
    12. No Harrassing players or staff
    13. No spawn killing
    14. Do not abuse pvp
    15. Abusing a glitch/bug without notifying a staff member is an instant permanenetba
    16. Using quarrys and mining turtles to mine huge areas in the overworld is not allowed {use them in the resource world/Mining age}
    Server ip:
    Website link: http://www.infinitymc.us
    • Server Worlds
      Hub {Main spawn}
    • Here is where you first spawn, from here you can go to all worlds!

      Survival world {Overworld}
    • Here you can freely build!
    • In this world you can access our resource world {quarry world} and mobfarms world {Aworld design only for mobfarms}

    • Everyone can join the creative world, but you'll need 25000 In game money to get a plot {plots are 200x200}
    • Do not try to transfer items to the overworld, its impossible and anny attemt will result in a ban

      SkyBlock Survival
    • Are you bored of all that tech stuff and feel the need to play some skyblock? then join our skyblock world!

      Mini Games world {ctf arenas mob arenas etc}
    • Here you'll be able to gain prizes such as SOLARS! iridium ingots In game money and more!
    Server specs
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 (6 cores / 12 Threads)
    RAM: 64gb DDR3
    2 X 180GB SSD

    Banned items
    1. Mining laser {bypasses protections}
    2. Arcane transmutator {dupe glitch}
    3. Matter cannon {bypasses protections}
    4. Chunk loaders and world anchors {Only crafting recipe is banned every player is allowed 1 chunk loader 1 personal anchor {use the personal anchor for your mobfarm only} and 5 spot loaders.
    5. Mystcraft age creation {you can't make your own dimension/age
  2. SuperSplit

    SuperSplit New Member

    I'll be sure to check it out when I'm done moving some time, sounds like a great server...

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