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Bug Infinity - AE2 - Autocrafting Stuck in Scheduled

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Utildayael, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    Update: Resolved! Issue is storage bus + JABBA barrels. Removed barrels from network and everything is happy again.


    So this started happening to me after the 1.21 Infinity patch which doesn't update AE2 and thus has me completely stumped.

    I have a basic autocrafting setup that has worked wonderfully until now.

    (2) CPU clusters that each have:
    - (1) Craft Monitor
    - (2) 64k Craft Storage
    - (5) Coprocessors

    Everything is wired up, has channels, online, etc. Basic things like making a logic processor wont even run.

    Tasks do one of two things when I submit them:

    1. Go into "Scheduled" status forever
    2. Go into "Simulation" status tho I can generally fix that by breaking a cpu block and replacing it to "reset" things ... of course the reset makes it so next job goes the route of #1, Scheduled

    I've tried chunk loaders. I've tried taking all storage bus and most of the network out so I just have the ME controller and the crafting things [inscribers, molecular assemblers] trying to rule out everything.

    Seeking guidance. I'm sad to have lost one of the coolest parts of the mod. Making 64k cells by hand sucks. ;)

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  2. Iluvalar

    Iluvalar New Member

    What is your setup ? where the material goes ? without such information we can't help.
  3. Cysteine

    Cysteine New Member

    For me when this happens is usually caused by unwanted items being already at a target inventory (like an alloy smelter having random materials in it when trying to craft something else)

    For the processor crafting make sure all is connected to the appropriate side of the inscribers and nothing is being thrown to the wrong slot.
  4. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    There's a known issue with storage busses, specifically with JABBA barrels and DSUs. I moved all of these to a sub network, and all is well.
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  5. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    THIS. I think that was it. I had storage bus with JABBA barrels and DSUs. Of the two, the JABBA barrels seem to be the biggest offender as once I took those off it was ok, even with a couple DSU's attached.

    I figured this out after building an autocrafting setup completely 100% separate just to test I wasn't crazy... and it worked as expected. My workaround for now is to break the cable going to that network segment which is ghetto but seems to make AE happy. :)

    Need to find a more elegant solution...

    I'm still not sure how it stopped working once we upgraded the server to 1.21, maybe just hit critical mass in my network at that time.

    I need to start breaking this beast up a bit into subnetworks I can just power down when not needed.
  6. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    Well, you could use a toggle bus, and disconnect it with a lever, but it sounds like you need to focus on power generation, if a few storage busses are a concern :p
  7. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    I generate about 2000 EU/t... I'm good on power. No brownouts in the factory!

    Nah something whacky with the JABBA barrels. I had the lightbulb not long before your post to put toggles in so I did so on all segments of my network that have JABBA barrels on them and everything is happy. If I turn those segments back on? I have a high % of craft jobs get stuck in Scheduled forever.

    So... that seems to be the workaround for now. Seems this has been an issue with AE for quite awhile.
  8. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    Ah, I see. Just put an interface on the end of your line of storage units, and put a storage bus from the main system on the interface. Bam, instant sub-network. Channel limits still apply; if you have more than 7 storage units (8 channels with the ME interface), you'll need a separate controller, as well as a separate energy acceptor for the sub-network. Still, for the purposes of auto-crafting, the network will see the items in the DSUs and barrels as being in the main network, eliminating the problem. My (ugly) setup:
    2015-03-21_00.53.18.png 2015-03-21_00.53.06.png
  9. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    You don't necessarily need multiple Energy Acceptors, Quartz Fiber Cable can be placed to block data passing through a joint (similar to a toggle bus) but still allowing power.
  10. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    If it is just JABBA barrels that are giving you issues, you may consider the new TE cache. Basic version is 4 tin and a log, and it holds up to 10000 of a single item. Upgrades are per TE standard, reaching "when would I ever need this?" levels in no time.

    Subnetworking your storage from your crafting still seems like a good idea though. Even in real manufacturing, the warehouse and the production floor are separate departments.
  11. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    I'll be honest, I dont really understand the whole subnet thing or how putting an ME Interface w/ storage bus on it works... I've only ever used ME Interfaces to store patterns so clearly I'm missing some other use-cases. :)

    Will definately look at the TE Caches as an option as well Inaeo!
  12. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Layman's terms, an interface allows outside machines (in this case the storage bus) to look into the network, request items, and input items. The storage bus looking at an interface allows the entire interfaced network to be seen as a single storage inventory, requesting and storing items as needed. So long as the networks remain otherwise disconnected, they will be treated as separate networks (and not infringe upon channel restrictions).

    After you play with it a little bit, its not too difficult to see how it can be abused. Google Super Soaryn Drive and watch a few videos for more info. You might not need to jump the shark with your personal system, but once you've seen how big you can go, if makes it easier to understand the basic concepts.

    Have fun. Learn whilst doing so. :)
  13. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    I saw a little about the Super Soaryn Drive and how it gets around channels with this. Very cool! :)

    AE is one of my fav mods. I've been automating the crap out of damn near everything I can. IC2, TE, MF, EnderIO, etc. It's complicated enough to require thought but not so overcomplicated that you want to stab your eyes out. Always a creative solution for a problem.

    Appreciate the info. :)
  14. Utildayael

    Utildayael New Member

    Update: Built a Super Soaryn Drive tonight! It's fantastic and putting it together made the whole subnet bits click. It's really a wonderful thing.

    ... now to craft 480 cards to fill it ... :D
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