Infinity 1.3.0 Hotfix


Big Bad

Hi all,

We’ve uncovered a small, rare, critical bug in our latest Infinity non-recommended release (1.3.0) that can create unwanted game stability issues for users with multiple dimensions. There was apparently an error within a packaged mod that, upon the assignment and generation of a thirty-fourth Dimensional ID, the client would lock up and crash.

We have corrected this bug and released a hotfix on our launcher. The new pack, Infinity 1.3.1, can be downloaded from the version selection tab. Just a reminder that this update is not yet a recommended build and thus the launcher will not automatically update your previously-installed instance.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and hope that users may continue to enjoy stable and bug-free pack releases.

Game on, players.

  • The FTB Team
Please remember: if you encounter any bugs, crashes, or concerns with an Official FTB modpack, be sure to grab a copy of your client logs and check out our Support Website or our Bug Report forum.
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