I'm going to the moon and I am taking a...


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Jul 29, 2019
This is a game I discovered about a week ago and was actually quite fun to play. So I have adapted it to a forum community and hope yous join it too.

This game is about guessing the pattern/rule that I set. The pattern is applied to what I can take to the moon. For example, lets say my pattern is that I can only take things which have 5 letters, I am then able to take a plane, a mouse, pears (but not pear), an apple (but not apples) and so on. The way this carries out is I say 3 things that fit the context. Then the next person can either guess the pattern or submit 2 words and I have to respond saying which of them are valid.

an Example Game:
Person 1: I am going to the moon and I am taking a Ball, a Ladder and a Stick of Butter.
Person 2: Can I take a Frog or a Soccerball?
Person 1: You can't take a frog, but you can take a soccerball.
Person 3: Can I take Fairyfloss or a Banner?
Person 1: You can take both of them.
Person 2: Is the Pattern that the words have to have double letters in them?
Person 1: Correct, its your go.
Person 2: I am going to the moon and I am taking a ...

- You can not take the same item as someone else
- If the maker of the pattern does not confirm the answer within 24 hours of a response, then the topic is passed on to someone else unless a notification has been made that they will come back to answer it.
- The pattern/rule has no restriction. It can be related to the person's username, it could be about the last person's guess (say it has to start with the last letter of the previous word).

I will start: I am going to the moon and I am taking a Bin, a Desk and a Torch


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Jul 29, 2019
<10:08:40> "VikeStep": hey did either of yous want to start up the i went to the moon game, santa doesnt want to start
<20:09:16> "PeggleFrank": I guess I'll start it

I'm going to the moon, and I'm taking a shit, a dump, and an electric tennis racket.


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Jul 29, 2019

I'm going to the moon and I'm bringing a dollar bill, a griddle, and a piece of pie.