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I broke Not Enough Items!

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Slaughter300, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    I have looked through these forums and tired searching for anything related but I couldn't find anything.

    I was in the menu looking something up then as I was exiting my inventory I didn't click off of the search bar. I entered something in then closed it. Now the screen is all messed up. I looked through the options but nothing I did helped. I have no idea what exactly I did to make this happen. I can't see any of the items to the right of the screen. I added some images to help you understand what happened. I can't find anything that describes this or how to fix it. I really think I broke the mod. 2013-12-03_13.08.00.png 2013-12-03_12.49.14.png 2013-12-03_12.49.03.png
  2. Berstarke

    Berstarke New Member

    Can't confirm anything right now, so my suggestion is less likely to help (sorry). But have you tried removing the Nei config(s)? Try moving it (them) to another folder (I recommend against deleting them, because you might need them if it doesn't work). If it works, try moving the files back one by one until the problem returns. This may help in finding the culprit.

    Again, can't confirm if any of this will help (or even if it really is something solvable by configs at all), but it's worth a shot. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.

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  3. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    I decided to make another world and funny enough nothing is wrong with Not Enough Items. It's only messed up on that one saved world. So I don't think it's the config I think I hit something I should not have that messed it up. Granted is it just one save and I can build another but it would have been nice to keep everything I spent hours to get and find. If anyone has a better idea as to what happened please feel free to add to this topic.
  4. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    Sometimes it helps to change the GUI scale in the options. Just toggle between a few modes and see if that fixes it.
  5. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    I just loaded the save up and could not find anything like that.
  6. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    It's in the standard minecraft options. Not too sure about the precise wording but it's the option to change the size of your Graphical User Interface, as in all the things on your screen (hotbar etc).
  7. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    You mean it is the standard GUI option? How would the default options of the game fix a mod that is added to the game? I don't think you understand my question please read it again before posting or don't post again if you have no idea. I've already stated that I have made another world and there is no problem on it. So I'll just delete the other and play on the new one. Simple as that.
  8. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    Oh wow, thank you for the encouraging words! I'm here, in your thread, replying to your issue and you feel the need to talk me down like that? Just because you can't see how my solution would fix your issue doesn't necessarily mean it won't work. Besides, it's just a small thing to try.

    Let me explain a bit more for when people who hit your thread while searching for a similar issue.
    Sometimes when you screw something up (yes, this is something you probably have caused yourself) the NEI overlay will be outside the bounds of your screen... Meaning you don't see (all of) it. Looking at your screenshot I noticed the NEI screen is halfway down and to the middle of your screen while it would normally by more to the top / left. Using the default GUI scaling option will make NEI 'think' the resolution has changed and it needs to calculate the position of the NEI overlay again. Now that is what you want in this case, NEI re-calculating where it should show the overlay and thereby fixing the issue. Simple as that..
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  9. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    I'm really sorry for that comment I didn't mean to offend you. I wasn't fully thinking when I said that and I am really sorry for it. I updated my world and that fixed the problem. So again I'm really sorry for not understanding your idea but the problem is fixed now.
  10. sirhopcount

    sirhopcount New Member

    Having the same problem. Did you ever find out how to fix it ?
  11. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    I Updated my world from the recommended to a new version.
  12. AlexChip

    AlexChip New Member

    I know this thread is old, but I found a solution and it will help many with same problem.. I couldn't find it anywhere online.. When NEI doesn't show items and looks like you are typing a little to the right, to fix it you just have to right click the NEI search box with your mouse and it will start working again.. Veru simple solution to a very annoying problem..
    If anyone wants to move my answer to appropriate location, pls do that, maybe someone has the same problem.. I know I shouldn't have replied here, but if i helped someone, I'm happy :)

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