Huge oil rig, oil storage facility

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  1. JoesBeenHere

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    Started a world on single player with the tech world 2 mod installed. Searched around and found a 50 blockhigh oil well. Created a pump system and inflow system, that recirculates into itself as its pumping out. Added a second inflow tank both inflow tanks hold one cell of storage tabks that reflow into itself as it pumps out. Both inflow tanks pump out into a storage container tank filled with 2 huge cells that reflow into itself as it pumps out.

    Reason for reflow is that they dont over flow the storage tank and have somewhere to always go. If used by a combustion engine would not blow up due to over pressure in the pumps.

    Each storage cell has about 20 to 25 tank blocks about 10 blocks high.. theres a mid lvl green pump line that indicates inflow only and then pumpedout of tanks with wooded then yellow pipes that flow around to a outflow tap and exccess flow tubes go up and connected to evenly distribute oil baback into the tanks. Right now there is two cells in the storage tank.

    Pictures coming soon when I get home to upload them
  2. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Green is the imput, Yellow is the reflow and outflow system.. the reflow system distributes oil pumped out of the tanks back into the tanks.
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  3. QuantumCookies

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    Looks good m8. Reminds me of the good old days of Tekkit.
    Just one thing: Railcraft tanks are MUCH more space efficient and you won't need so many pipes. Just a thought.
  4. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    this be my first build and im on ftb tech world 2 1.6 only single player... i honestly went from plugins of mc servers to all this and just went to sleep 2 days in a row cuzz there was so much shit piled on me at once i was like 0.0

    i just found out you can use the green with the yellow pipe to make a flow threw one way only pipe.. so i edited the pipes a bit.. the 2 smaller tanks with 1 cell is inflow tanks that have a overflow back into themselves, those over flows outflow to the storage tanks with now 4 cells.. the first cell overflows into cell 2 and cell 2 goes into cell 3 and cell 3 into 4. 4 reflows into cell 1.

    With each of the cells overflowing into each other i used the green one way only to make a Outflow facility pipe. this is the pipe that goes to towns or whatever takes oil

    the use of this system and the facility is to store oil and distribute it threwout the needs. I also made an inflow pipe.. both inflow tanks now go to a single spot where they get inported.

    so i can make smaller oil wells and pipeline the oil to this storage facility.

    Railcraft tank?
  5. SirDoctorOfTardis

    SirDoctorOfTardis New Member

  6. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    What? Why are you using emerald pipes? They are pump pipes(upgraded versions of the wooden pipes).
    And looks like complete overkill usage of Gold pipes. How are you powering the pump? If it is only by Redstone engines then stone pipes would be plenty.
    Also if you want one-way pipes you should use the Iron pipes. That is what they are designed for.

    You should really look into the functionality of the different pipes. From the pictures it looks like you might not be sure of their functionalities:
  7. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    im useing emerald to classify the inflow to the Cells in each container tank. Im using gold and emerald because this is creative and " Gold fluid pipes will transport more liquid than stone or cobblestone waterproof pipes" Emerald fluid pipes will drain 4 times more liquid at once than wooden fluid pipes.

    The over useage is due to a tournament knockout style inflow to the individual tanks for my own personal want. I planned on having the distribution become equal among the tanks in each cell.

    Engines are redstone. The Over useage of the yellow pipe is the reflow system. The pipes are pumping liquid threw the pipe to the outflow. If the outflow has nowhere to go pressure builds and it would explode.. In real life anyways.. so i made this system for it.

    What mod is railcraft tanks? This is Tech World 2 only 1.6 only!
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  8. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    But you are :
    1. Not powering the Emerald pipes..
    2. Not placing the emerald pipes on anything where they can actually pump anything..

    And since you managed to build all this while pumping a single oil well I am guessing you are only powering the pump with redstone engines(else you would be done in a couple minutes). This would result in a throughput of oil nowhere near anything close to the limit of cobble pipes, yet alone stone pipes.

  9. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    they are redstone engines. Yes emerald pipes. no im not using power to them.. Your point?
    Yes stone pipes are plenty. So is stone blocks or wood, or even dirt. But im using emerald blocks. This is creative, single player and my own game and post. If you have a problem with it tough shit.
  10. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Emerald pipes work just like Wooden pipes. They are extraction pipes. They should be placed on tanks, refineries etc. and powered with engines(or autarchic gates) to pipe fluids out. They are upgraded versions of Wooden pipes as in they will extract more fluid faster. Having them in the middle of a length of pipe is pointless. Once you already got the fluids in a pipe you should stick to either Cobblestone, Stone or Gold pipes.

    And sorry if you got offended. I am only trying to give you some constructive criticism so that you might get more out of the mods.
  11. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    Rhn, thanks for the congrats your comment is well appreciated.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  12. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    Left top is the second inflow tank. Right top is the second inflow tank. Bottom is the outflow. Time to build a town or refinery that needs oil.
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  13. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Very cool mess of pipes dude, but you gonna be so mad when that oil runs out in about 5min;)
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  14. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Yeah I would strongly recommend to anyone who plans of relying on oil for power to use portable setups like a Pump, some engines, a chunkloader and an Ender Tank/Tesseract and then send it to your refinery back home. Even the biggest oil wells(despite them having a rather large cavity down at the bottom. The geyser up top is completely inconsequential when it comes to volume) wont last very long. And have some decent Oil and Fuel storage tanks(RC steel tanks or ME extra cells) back home at the base so you wont have to constantly keep up on the oil situation. Instead you can now and then go on a "pumping spree" and just pump the heck out of a bunch of wells.

    But since this is a creative build I suppose you could always just use the Thermal Expansion "Creative Portable Tank" to make endless oil for the rig.
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  15. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    I tried out the rail tanks after trial and error.. :/ not satisfied.. i mean yea its efficient but its not fun. It got boring building the 4th one. : / i still added them to the system.

    Ive got 3 more huge wells nearby to collect from. this Facility is to be a storage for the whole area of town.

    Building the zoo now for some reason pictures soon.

    Sonic.. Im playing creative with survival rules.. and i dont like wireless energy i think its illogical. So im gonna build a power system somehow to store energy then distribute that threw the towns.. plan on building a state then a country soon i guess. And :D i plan on being Rockefeller with the oil xD
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  16. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Annoyingly there's not really a good way to transport energy unless you transport the oil/fuel to the destination where it's used.

    That said, running trains around to move the oil/fuel is lots of fun long distance. Provided they behave...
  17. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    The deal is that people transport the oil back "wireless" because they would otherwise be forced to chunkload every single part of the pipe running back to the refinery. If not both pump, refinery and every part of the pipe is loaded by the player or chunkloaders, then oil will not flow.

    You could use trains with tank carts and chunkloader carts, but it is a lot of work setting up loaders/unloaders, water/coal refueling etc. just for what little oil is in a single oil well.
  18. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    i guess ill use chunk loaders along the pipelines. :D
  19. Skvapter

    Skvapter New Member

    Big mess = Big stress.
    Regardless, that's one coolio compilation of pipes.

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