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How do you reset a modpack in the launcher?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Recon, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Recon

    Recon New Member

    I seem to have screwed up my Magic World modpack, and want to reset the whole thing to the default mods and settings. After that point I'll re-add the mods I want to add to it.

    It would be nice if the FTB launcher allowed us to clone instances like MultiMC does. That way we can just leave the original alone and make a copy to alter. As it is now, when I try to restore it to the defaults, the game still crashes when trying to make a new world. How do you fix this?
  2. bary3000

    bary3000 New Member

    To reset the modpack do the following:
    Go to "options" and then prees "force update". Now go back to "Modpacks" and choose the modpack you want to reset. and press lanch.
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  3. Recon

    Recon New Member

    Ahh thanks. I thought "force update" forced a reset for ALL the modpacks, since the button itself doesn't give any context as to what its forcing an update on. A bit confusing on the interface. Also it'd be nice if there was a way to remove individual mods from the list (as opposed to just disabling them).
  4. Mikey_R

    Mikey_R New Member

    Just open the folder where they are and delete them manually.
  5. Recon

    Recon New Member

    Sure. Just sayin' the UI should do that instead. Its dead easy to make a file delete button, but annoying to have to go into the mod folder yourself and mess around.
  6. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    And this is why I import my game into MultiMC =)
  7. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster New Member

    I've started using multimc myself. Awesome program I'd never have known about if not for FTB :)
  8. HomieC223

    HomieC223 New Member

    I keep having problems trying to get onto the play.mineyourmind.net ftb server. I need 201 mods because it says that on my friend's computers but mine only loads 199 mods so I'm missing 2. i reset it and everything. please help
  9. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    I would use MultiMC .. when I figure out how that darned thing works!
  10. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    Ah nm. Discovered the "track FTB instances" tickbox!
  11. Oddrey

    Oddrey Guest

    i had similar problems with my 3rd party packs for the past 2 weeks. Thankfully i found this post, made this account just so i could say thanks xD
  12. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Still an issue?

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