How do YOU Generate Power?

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Master_Builder_800, May 13, 2015.

  1. Master_Builder_800

    Master_Builder_800 New Member

    We all have our different methods, some more fun then others, some super creative, some just really effective Big Reactors. So how do YOU generate your power? Remember to post pictures!
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  2. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    I currently pump lava from the nether and transport it to the overworld trough the nether-portal and railcraft tank cart.
    In the overworld I use advanced generators to create steam and obsidian from said lava using an heat exchanger.
    The steam is then used in an steam turbine generator from advanced generators with two steam turbines to create a nice 160rf/t or the equivalent amount of eu.

    I was planning to later on change it to a tree farm to create syngas but that has to wait.
  3. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Playing Infitech2 packs so I need lots of EU. I have some small IC2 Nuclear power coming in but planning to build a small Big Reactor, actively cooled, single turbine, producing around 8k RF/T on our configs. If I can scratch some ludicrite together it will produce around 15k RF/T.

    Will convert this power to eu by creating an energy bridge using overclocked PneumaticCraft Flux Compressors and Compression Generators.
  4. Master_Builder_800

    Master_Builder_800 New Member

    Thats a really cool idea! I gave up on lava soon after I started playing. My first FTB pack ever was monster and lava was my power gen. Haven't done it since because of the maintenance and lameness of most lava gens, but i like what you did with that, very cool!

    I have never made an IC2 Nuke, they honestly scare me, maybe one of these days I'll try it out, and I have never made power using pneumaticraft, I like it!
  5. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    I was also thinking of making one of the new ic2 nukes and using the heat exchangers again from advanced generators to cool the hot coolant and get steam. But again because stuff this also has to wait.
  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    IC2 nukes are definitely scary, I backup my world all the time, "just in case" :) (Never had an explosion except in a test world....but if it happens, they don't mess around.)

    In my case, PC isn't really "generating" power so much as bridging it. Also, I got the name wrong, its a Pneumatic Generator not a Compression Generator.

    What happens is you convert RF to Compressed Air using the Flux Compressor. It doesn't compress much RF by default, and it generates a lot of Heat (which harms efficiency), so you need to add a bunch of overclockers (Speed Upgrades) and cooling apparatus (Heat Sinks and such).

    You can feed that compressed air directly into a Pneumatic Generator. The number of speed upgrades it has determines the output (32, 128 or 512 eu/t are the options I believe). So if I create around 2000 rf/t, I can generate 512 eu/t going through a single pneumatic generator. I'll probably need around 4 of these setups to handle my turbine output.

    This sucks compared to a "proper" energy bridge such as found in Power Converters, but is considerably more interesting in a hardcore tech pack :)
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  7. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Passively cooled reactor(32kRF/t)
    Fully upgraded magmatic dynamos being fed lava produced via Demonic Bees and phosphor(6kRF/t)
    x64 Potion Generator being fed Splash Potions of Harming II(40kRF/t)
    Nether star generator(40kRF/t)
  8. HSIkMy

    HSIkMy New Member

    Really-Early-Game(0-80 RF/t): Stirling Generator, Combustion Engine, Clockwork Engine, Hobbyist's Steam Engine, Survivalist Generator
    Earlygame(80-500 RF/t): Big Reactors, Magmatic Dynamo, Combustion Generator(with Jet Fuel)
    Midgame(500-10000 RF/t): Big Reactors, Endergenic Generator, Potion Generator(x8 or engine spam), Upgraded Magmatic Dynamo Spam
    Lategame(10000-300000 RF/t): Big Reactors, Ultimate Hybrid Solars(with RedNet Energy Cable Spam to convert power), x64 Potion Generator, Nether Star Generator
    Endgame(>300000 RF/t): (SUPER HUGE Passive) Big Reactors, x8 Nether Star Generators, Quantum Solars if you have Mekanism or Power Converters to convert power
  9. HSIkMy

    HSIkMy New Member

    For me, who LOVES free infinite power, either using a tree farm -> MFR boilers -> big reactors turbine or passive reactor + laser drill + 10x ic2 uranium duplication design. btw does Uranium 235 work in Big Reactors?
  10. Tejo22

    Tejo22 New Member

    No, but you can pulverize the uranium ore into yellorium dust, which is easy enough to smelt.
  11. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    I really like the way Mekanism wind turbines look but they are so cheap to make, it almost seems like cheating. But after a few dozen modded worlds, I think I could set up a power system with my eyes closed, and the way things look is of the utmost importance, lately I just use them in the early game. Eventually I move onto other power sources but I still use the turbines instead of a tesseract for remote power whenever I can. Like on MFR farming machines. Each patch has its own turbine.
  12. Iluvalar

    Iluvalar New Member

    I did it in my showcase thread, but now that I have nearly all numbers. I guess it's time to share here. Here is my tin powered generator.

    1 tin
    +metal former = 3 tin cell
    +lava fabricator+survivalist engines = 2 lava cell (gain) + 3 (lava fabrication)
    +survivalist engines = 2MRF per tin.

    Or 6 lava cell
    +or orechid + endoflame = 2 metal ore + 1 coal ore + 2 precious ore (mixed with a lot of useless ore admitedly)
    +pulverizer = 4 metal ingot
    +thaumcraft transmutation = 4 tin

    1 tin=2MRF or 2.6 tin.
  13. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    I've been trying out distributed steam boilers as a method of power generation and so far it's proven itself not only more potent than a single massive power system, but since I don't have to rush for tesseracts, I can build wherever, and whenever I want and just move around fuel. My quarry train for example runs out from my base, picks up the mined material, and drops off ethanol. The ethanol powers a liquid fueled steam boiler that powers the quarry.

    Then the train heads back, and is refueled and refilled with Ethanol. My base is powered by various methods of charcoal production and transport.
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  14. Verigen

    Verigen New Member

    I run most of my setup on forestry ethanol, but my pack is a little different than what most people play on. I use agriculture mod so running a golem harvested underground sugarcane field with maxed out seeds that auto feeds to a room below where it goes through a fermenter feeding into an resonant portable tank which, when full, I grab (yes I know...manually but if I didn't leave anything to do I'd get bored) and pull into the main factory to run it through a still, feeding yet another portable tank. When needed I take the ethanol and feed it into many smaller hardened portable tanks around my base running compression dynamos (each with it's own, or small area shared, aqueous accumulator for water). Playing single play I really have no need for insane amounts of power and struggle to see what the rest of you can possibly be doing to be using so much.

    I do also run a smallish big reactor on a minefactory reloaded lazer drill on the side as that was the only thing the ethanol run dynamo's weren't fast enough, and even though the ethanol setup is still attached I haven't fueled it in some time. Lastly there is a small forestry multi-farm out back powered by a peat-fired engine that makes it's own fuel and grows/cuts my trees, the peat-fired was perfect for that due to a single stack lasting something like four hours and producing several stacks in the meantime.

    -Edit- I also run the magical crops mod so that mixed with agriculture means I'll really never run out of fuel for the reactor -/Edit-
  15. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    Currently I have 48 or so FZ Mirrors producing steam for my 1 steam dynamo. Yeah 80 RF/t isn't much, but hey, it's free and I don't have a need for silver at all :D
  16. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    How much steam per tick does that generate?
  17. KiwiUSA

    KiwiUSA New Member

    Here's an adaptation of Factorization Solar Boiler build from an earlier post

    Firstly the massive Silver sink of the boilers, 4 of the maximum build:


    This time, instead of using MFR Steam turbines, I got curious and used a Big Reactors Turbine, I was pretty amazed how much steam this actually made:


    Not bad for a maintenance free power source......
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  18. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    Wow. I was mildly aware that setups such as this existed and were good, but I didn't know how good.

    @Wekmor, can your 48 mirrors only power one dynamo, or is that just all you need?
  19. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    It produces more than one needs, but less than 2 do.
    But I don't really need much power so I don't care, let it build up and then use some for ore processing. I don't like hugh ultra-automated AE setups etc.

    Also @KingTriaxx I have no idea, since there in no gui in FZ that would tell you, and I transport it straight into my generator, so yea
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  20. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    It'd be relatively simple to tell, just break and replace the generator. No matter, I'll check it out myself.

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