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How do I keep a spawner spawning?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HojoCat, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. HojoCat

    HojoCat New Member

    Lets say I want to make a power system based on reactant dynamos.
    I want to automate the killing of blazes and pipe in the blaze powder. The other element would be liquid redstone which is taken care of.

    How do I keep the blaze spawners spawning blazes regardless of where I happen to be?
  2. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    As far as I know there's no way to do this with vanilla spawners
    You'll need to go with a mod's system of spawning to make this happen

    MFR autospawner
    Forbidden magic's Wrath cage
    Soul shards 2

    But also note, it won't be spawning wherever you are because these mobs still obey the minecraft rule of if you're more than 128 blocks away from them they instantly despawn
  3. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    MFR Auto-Spawners, and I think Rotarycraft can control vMC spawners to do this.

    Edit: Ninja'd
  4. HojoCat

    HojoCat New Member

    Yes I considered auto-spawners but they require more essence than each blaze would produce so I'd still have to rely on getting close to vanilla spawners.
    I'll look into rotarycraft. Thanks.
    I'm thinking though that the solution will be to just afk by the spawning room once in a while to keep up a decent stockpile of blaze powder.
    It makes me think though. Is there a way to send a signal to some kind of indicator light if the quantity in say a barrel is below a certain threshold?
  5. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Essence berries and a sewer will create mob essence for you.

    Are you using AE? If so, a ME Level Emitter will do what you're looking for.
  6. HojoCat

    HojoCat New Member

    Essence berries! My golems have collected quite a barrel full of them. I didn't realize they could be converted to essence.
    And yes I do have AE available. I will look into the level emitters. Thanks!
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  7. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    There are other ways to create the mob essence

    I believe portal gun turrets also give mob essence and can simply be placed again as they drop themselves as an item when they die
    Also snow golems give mob essence, there's a guide floating somewhere around the forums about how to make an auto-golem machine to then be killed for essence.
    Else a cursed earth spawner is also a popular option for this function as well
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  8. Shazam08

    Shazam08 New Member

    That seems overpowered and abusable.


    Brb, making turret essence farm.
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  9. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    I know it used to work, can't say if it still does
  10. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    It still does. Its worked for as long as I can remember and I finally got around to putting a fix into TestPackPleaseIgnore today. Sadly the fix was disabling the turrets. They were overpowered anyways. Tons of damage for very little effort.
  11. midi_sec

    midi_sec New Member

    also don't forget bees, openblocks fluid xp & xp drains, mfr unifier, and all that.

    i'm working on a room for a smp server that will give people xp via bees, and take it away from them as long as they're shopping to be used as monster essence later. more people = more essence.
  12. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    I have bait villagers in little cages on top of platforms all around my base. Zombies are attracted and get killed by the MFR grinder at the base, plus I have several underground vanilla spawners set up with grinders. Ive spread these things around so Im usually close enough for something to be grinded. Always have plenty of Mob essence, although I had to earn it. Ive disabled essence berries, waaaaay too cheaty.

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