How do I increase ram on my FTB ultimate Server

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Jakdax99, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Jakdax99

    Jakdax99 New Member

    So I've been looking around the internet for a few hours and nothing has helped me. Please if you know how to do this comment.
  2. mmorton89

    mmorton89 Active Member

    It's the same as any other minecraft server.

    open the file you run the server with, either .bat for windows or .sh for linux (not sure about mac)

    Change your -Xmx1024m to what you want the max amount of RAM the server to use.
  3. xinthral

    xinthral New Member

    When executing the jar file, java has a few extensions that can specify the max and minimum amount of RAM allowed. As mmorton89 has indicated the -Xmx flag is for MAX memory while the Xms is minimum memory . In my experience it's good to keep the minimum around 75% of the max, so if you set the servers max to -Xmx1024m (aka -Xmx1G) then you'd want the minimum around -Xms768m. Helps avoid intermitten lag spikes while the disk is trying to load and unload things to RAM frequently.

    CAUTION: Server admins should be aware that they really should never set their FTB Server resources higher than 60% of the machines maximum. So if your server has 10GB's of RAM, 6GB is about where you want it to start and tweak from there. Other services such as the operating system, kernel modules, and in many cases LAMP services all require resources as well, better to under-estimate than over-extend, then crashing the server. This is not a hard rule, just a beginners guideline.
  4. Blake Hughes

    Blake Hughes Member

    For mac it is start.command

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