how do i get the repair enchantment on a book?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Keurig, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Keurig

    Keurig New Member

    ive been trying and trying to get the repair enchantment on a book, and ive used about 4 stacks of books and about 3 days of my time. help!
  2. MouseyPounds

    MouseyPounds New Member

    There's no special trick; enchantments are random and repair seems to be fairly rare. I've gotten both Repair I books and Repair II books with an XP turtle doing level 30 enchants on Mindcrack 8.1.1.
  3. Keurig

    Keurig New Member

    oh, ok thanks for the help :)
  4. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Would you mind posting your xp turtle setup and the script on Pastebin? I would really like a program like yours but I have had no luck finding one.
  5. Maldroth

    Maldroth New Member

    I've found it's easier to enchant Thaumcraft specific items until you get a Repair enchantment and then add the other enchantments you want from books and the anvil. Repair seems limited to Thaumcraft items and books.
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  6. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    Then you can put it in the uncrafting table and turn it into a diamond sword etc I believe.
  7. Nemesis688

    Nemesis688 New Member

    Awhile back I used NEI to put repair on a diamond sword. It didn't seem to repair it though. A good tell if it is working is the tool going up and down in your hand as the damage value changes.
  8. Vtecem

    Vtecem New Member

    Pretty sure we got it verified that repair only works on thaumium items.
  9. Grydian2

    Grydian2 New Member

    Only on Thaumium items. Tested myself.
  10. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    How to get repair:
    1. Craft a book
    2. Get level 30
    3. Enchant it
    4. Wish for luck
    5. ???
    6. Profit!

    There is no trick, is just like ever other enchant.

    You spelt thamium, robes and elemental tools wrong.
  11. eculc

    eculc New Member

    elemental tools require thaumium tools to make.

    As for robes though, you are correct.
  12. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    Oh I forgot, also the goggles and the boots of the traveler.

    PS: just because is craftable wih thamium tools doesn't mean it can be enchanted with repair, well, for now it is.
  13. MouseyPounds

    MouseyPounds New Member

    My setup is a bit of a hack as it came from adding an xp turtle to an existing mob grinder so it probably isn't optimal for general use. I'll describe it below for those who are curious. However, a more general setup with better-commented (and probably more flexible) code is Tim the enchanter; for that see its Reddit post and source code.

    Anyway, on the server where I play we have some tier 5 shard spawners that drop the mobs into a 1x3 hole that has 6 melee turtles (they line both sides) and I plopped the XP turtle at the end of the line closest to where the player normally waits for xp. The turtle is manually loaded with books and ejects the results into a relay above it that is connected to our tube system. The script is available at and there is a rough picture of the setup below; note that the purpose of the picture was to explain the xp turtle to other players on the server already familiar with the mob grinder so it may not be all that helpful :p The piston with the glass block helps block the xp orbs from reaching the player so that the turtle gets it all (our grinder requires a player to actually be there.)
  14. jpbirdsgong

    jpbirdsgong New Member

    Anybody know if the XP turtle exists in Ultimate? I can't for the life of me figure out how to craft the upgrade. Have done a fair bit of googling; apologies if the answer is obvious...
  15. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    DW used the xp turtle not long ago in his letsplay, i guess it does.

    and i think is an enchanting table and a turtle

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