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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MobiusOne, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Hello! My name (to the left) is MobiusOne, but feel free to call me Mobius (I prefer this actually). Some of you may have seen me before watching livestreams or maybe even through my terrible youtube videos. I have been modding minecraft nearly since I started playing, back in Beta 1.6.5. The first time I successfully got a mod to work was in 1.7.3, but that was because there was no multiMC, no forge, no one to help me learn how to mod, etc at the time. I spent all of the summer of 2011 playing minecraft with mods, then decided I could not play minecraft without them.

    I have seen many significant changes to the modding community, with many new mods and new features being released all the time. I have been following Direwolf20's series' since the middle of season one SSP (though somehow I missed his first SMP series). He was the first youtuber who I saw use lots of mods on one instance, and inspired me to try putting more and more mods onto a single instance of minecraft. For 1.7.3, I had many different instances, but my pride and joy was called my first "Super Modded Minecraft". This version included basically every single mod I could find (from the alchemy mod to IC2), with a few base jar editing exceptions that caused problems. I began working on multiplayer modding as well, but it became complicated having 2 copies of every mod (one for SSP and one for SMP). I especially like the minecraft version update to 1.3.2 with server integration, as that makes it much easier to be an admin of a server, requiring much less confusion with mod versions, compatibilities, SSP vs. SMP versions, etc. In 1.2.5, the last time there was an official redpower 2 pre-release (6 months ago), I had made it up to around 70-ish mods, including everything from dire's season 4 and a bunch of other expansions and mods that I liked. Anyone else like to just slap mods in and play them? I am even thinking about putting a pack together of tons of mods, with permissions from the modders of course...
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    Welcome to FTB :D
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    Thank you!

    Also I forgot to add I am working on making a mod atm, it will be called the Sonoran Desert Mod! It will hopefully be awesome when I am finished! It iss not available to the public yet, as it literally has no use outside of creative mode....
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    Welcome to the forums Mobius.

    PS: It's a surprised question, because he is a surprised cat :D
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    i dont remember exactly, let my check and try to load it up real quick.... :D

    Ok, well in the mods folder alone I had 59 mods.... ranging from millenaire to IC2, this is not including jar mods... Sorry this was before the mechanic that told you how many mods you had was added to forge/FML :p
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    Welcome to FTB :)
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    59 mods... your NEI list must have been the size of a small country. Welcome to the forums!

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