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    I have been playing FTB for not that long I would say about a week.So far I'm loving everything about it.I might after a while look for a server to join and play some FTB with other players.So all I have to say is THANKS to everyone who made FTB possible.
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    Hello! Welcome to the Feed the Beast forums :)
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    Everyone? You sure about that?
    Gosh, gotta go through the list of "people responsible". :confused:
    Sooo, basically we should thank:

    All the moderators, both small and global, all the web developers, the people that brought coffee to the web developers, the Launcher developer (unless they are the same people), the people who brought coffee to the Launcher developers (again, not needed if they were the same people who gave coffee to the web developers), Notch, the people who ran the coffee for Notch, the people who transported the coffee packages to store so that Notch's people could buy it, the people who manufactured said beans so they could become the coffee package that Notch's people buy for Notch, the people who shipped the beans from the plantation so that the harbour people could unload those beans and transport them to the factory people who can manufacture those beans into the coffee that later will be found in stores for Notch's people to buy for Notch, the low-salary people who hand-pick those beans and load them into the ship that will sail to the country that Notch reside, Jeb, the computer salesman for selling the computer that Jeb uses, the parents of said salesman for giving birth to the salesman so he could sell a computer to Jeb so he can continue code Minecraft, the virus program that keeps Jeb's computer safe, the virus program's developer for creating the virus program that will keep Jeb's computer safe, the flight-pilot for safely taking Notch back-and-forth from his vacations, the private trainer that kept those flight-pilots in good shape when they fly Notch back-and-forth from his vacations, the flight stewardess for serving Notch drinks during those long flights, those cheap flight companies and sites that offer cheap traveling so that Notch could take a break from his hard-working and coding Minecraft without putting out a lot of money, the people who bought Minecraft, Bride's pet Kitty for giving us such joy, God for creating trees (if trees didn't exist, then they would not be implemented in Minecraft at all!), Direwolf (cuz he's Direwolf), cheap ugg-boots spam, seasonal weather change (swedes don't park infront of a computer during summer time), politics for staying out of a video game that consists of virtual blocks, Lego for being an indirect inspiration for Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer for being Notchs' direct inspiration, pokemon, the guy who invented marriage in which people got married and got kids who later grew up and got married and got kids who would eventually grow to become the very people that this community is made of, the guy who invented ice-cream, the british for insisting on selling tea to America who would later discover that there is another continent called Europe and finally finding this guy called Notch who made the amazing indie game called Minecraft.

    Don't ever make me do this list again... my fingers are bleeding...o_O

    Welcome to FTB, the forum where we make unecessary long posts to brag how amusingly amazing we are.
    No really, we ARE amazing! :p
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    welcome to the forums. :) we are all mad here :D

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