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Open Server Haven's Cove | Agrarian Skies 3.1.2 | Open | Economy| 24/7 | Teamspeak3

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Shady, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Shady

    Shady New Member

    Forums - www.HavensCove.net
    Server IP - mc.havenscove.net ~
    Current Mod pack - Agrarian Skies 3.1.2
    Server Location - US East/Dallas

    Think you've got what It takes to rebuild the world of Haven? To tame the wilds and plunder them of their rich resources? If so, join us at Haven's Cove!


    Haven's Cove is a Player versus Environment survival server aimed at players of all ages. We go to great lengths to ensure that all players have a fun and peaceful playing experience. Our community has been standing on two legs for close to 3 years now, we've chewed through a variety of mod packs such as Tekkit, FTB Ultimate, Magic World and many more. But now we've decided that it's time to visit Agrarian Skies!
    Like any community, we've had our ups and downs. But we've surfaced once again to take on the challenge of rebuilding the land of Haven!

    We have a 0 tolerance tone when it comes to griefing, theft and any other nonsensical actions! We play by the rule "If it's not yours, don't touch it!" Haven's Cove strives to keep all players happy.
    We love knowing that our server is a safe and happy place for all players, so before you join we simply ask that you leave any hostilities and drama at the door. Simply be nice to other players and make our community a warm and friendly place to be. Any issues that may arise are taken care of to the best of the Administrators and Owners abilities.

    At Haven's Cove, we've learnt that trying to change a mod pack from it's core meaning, is a bad idea. So this time around we're trying as hard as possible to keep the current Agrarian Skies server as vanilla as possible. That being said we have more than a few plugins to spice things up a little!
    Plugins such as Mob arena, LWC, WorldGuard and many more help ensure that players are able to have fun and play fairly.
    Below we have taken the liberty to outline some of the core functions of Haven's Cove and how they interweave with the features of the Agrarian Skies mod pack.

    Every player has access to the following:
    - A personal Skyblock.
    - The ability to form groups and invite players to your block.
    - Access to Player and Server stores to trade commodities.

    HQM (Hardcore mode!)
    Basically a fancy way to call your game play a hardcore mode experience.
    In the Agrarian Skies modpack players have a limited number of lives. You can restore these with in game items. Unfortunately, once you run out you get banned from the server automatically. But fear not!

    You can easily be unbanned from the server by simply posting a message/post below, or by joining our website and submitting a ban appeal in the "Hardcore Ban" section of the forums.
    I highly suggest signing up to the forums as you will be unbanned much, much faster.
    Although we will be lenient when it comes to unbanning you, there is one downside. Your Island will be deleted and you'll have to start again.

    Disabled Items
    Currently the only disabled items are Silkworms. Kits have been enabled to compensate for the loss of this necessary item, but unfortunately there is no other way to solve the issues that surround them.
    In the future more items may be disabled or restricted but this is a worst case scenario.

    Our rules are simple and can be read at length on our website. www.havenscove.net/rules
    Below is a quick rundown.

    - Do not for any reason use abusive language, insult, bully another player OR discuss explicit things in chat.
    - Do not Troll other players.
    - Do not build explicit or offencive structures.
    - Do not X-ray, cheat, glitch or use any unorthodox method to gain advantage over other players.
    - Do not exploit ,mod or server plugin bugs/glitches.
    - Do not steal.
    - Do not grief.
    - Do not Trespass.
    - Do not place lethal traps or bypass PvP restrictions.
    - Do not spam.
    - Use common sense.
    - Do not bridge over to other players islands. (At least not without permission)

    To find more information and specifications visit the Havens Cove forum. www.HavensCove.net

    Extra Services
    Haven's Cove also offers access to a Teamspeak 3 server. Connection details can be found on our forum. :)

    Additional Notes
    That pretty much covers what Haven's Cove has to offer. if it interests you, feel free to drop by and say hello. We would love you see some new faces around the forums and server.

    As a slight disclaimer, The server world may be subject to a restart at any time. We're still new to the modpack so please excuse any teething issues, bugs and changes that might pop up over the coming weeks. We will be striving to resolve them as soon as possible.
    Keep in mind, if you run out of lives simply drop a post into this thread, or preferably post on our website.
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  2. kamakazi2000

    kamakazi2000 New Member

    Found this server about 2 years ago, loads of fun with an extremely nice and friendly community with fair and helpful administrators always there to count on. You won't regret joining! :)
  3. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Couple of things missing pack version, location of server host, & there are mod conflicts, .17 or .18 can not login, if you have changed, removed/added anything you need to post that too.

    Oh & it says Tekkit server!.....
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2014
  4. Shady

    Shady New Member

    Ah, I knew I'd forget a few things. The Server is running 2.1.9, No mods have been been removed or added and other people are joining just fine. I'll fix all of that now though, thanks for pointing it out. :)

    Updated to 2.1.9
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  5. Zaenyea

    Zaenyea New Member

    Seriousily, I died twice tonight due to glitches then I find out we have to DONATE to have our items protected beyond 15 lockdowns???? I tried to get some assistance as to who or where I go when I died but the group that was on was extremely rude.
  6. Shady

    Shady New Member

    I'm sorry to heard that you've died due to glitches. If you're willing to take the time to let me know what happened, I'm than happy to help resolve them. I suggest visiting our forum if you wish to speak to an admin directly as we're a tad short staffed at the moment. www.havenscove.net\
    If players were rude to you let me know their names. We have a zero tolerance for such behavior and it's disappointing to know that they may have upset you and have left you with a bitter view of the server.

    As for the locking, we use the Bukkit plugin LWC to lock chests, door and ME blocks. This plugin is nothing more than a little extra protection if you want to keep chests personal to yourself (In case you don't want friends on your island meddling with some of your special items) and helps a lot with modded inventories that don't work so well with logging plugins (irons chests especially). The no griefing/theft rules still apply to all chests, items, blocks and whatever else you may own. If someone happens to violate that rule, we can easily investigate with our block logging plugin.

    As for the limit, I personally feel that 15 is more than enough for a casual player on the server. You are correct that more can obtained by donating, but by simply playing for a combined time of 24 hours you will automatically be upgraded to the "Veteran" rank which has close to double the original amount of locks.
    To put it more simply, these locks will in no way impact your gameplay or put you at a disadvantage if someone else breaks the rules and steals/griefs. They're simply a little extra perk so that you can have your own private stashes/areas away from your buddies.
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  7. Zaenyea

    Zaenyea New Member

    Then what I understood from others was incorrect. I apologize. I was told there was no other protection except the LWC and basically you were left vulnerable to griefers. Ive tried logging back in but the server has been down... when will it be back up?
  8. Shady

    Shady New Member

    I'm working on fixing it now. it should be up within 20 minutes of this post.
  9. Shady

    Shady New Member

    Updated to 3.1.2
  10. Xabaras

    Xabaras New Member

    My first death was because I had no idea the server shot you forward at hyperspeed sometimes after saving/lagging and I proceeded to fly off my friends island, the second death I am not to sure why but a decked out zombie pretty much wrecked me when I thought there was nothing left but a couple of skeletons left in a dark spot. Now I am banned, but heard I could be unbanned here, so if you would kindly un-ban: Algid_Giant
    my ingame name that would be great. My island is pretty much baron since I just started off playing this today so I don't mind losing it.
  11. Shady

    Shady New Member

    No problem. You've been unbanned. ;)
  12. motherrussia

    motherrussia New Member

    can I be unbanned? my name is motherrussia202
  13. Tokoshoran

    Tokoshoran New Member

    There doesn't seem to be any information that I can find anywhere on who the staff are, what all the ranks are, etc. Am I missing something somewhere?
  14. Endershusky

    Endershusky New Member

    I was ban because of deaths. My first death was falling into the void but my second death was when i was making a auto-sieve system. I died for no reason. I just got kicked and couldn't join because i died to many times? If you could unban me my username is Endershusky. Thanks.
  15. SgtRock

    SgtRock New Member

    My name is sgtrock25, me and my partner were playing on the server and he randomly died to a glitch i guess, i still have 1 life left but he got banned. His name is Little_Bit. If you could un ban him that would be nice.

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