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Open Server HALTED > Buh's FTB Infinity 1.3.4 nothing banned Dynmap, Griefprevention, Glizer, Eco 24GB 12Cores

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Adem Musaoglu, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Server is setup on cauldron.
    Be aware to use client don't set launcher on recommended!
    Check also the website http://buhsinfinity.enjin.com/

    • Check Server hardware see below (12 Cores i7 24 GB RAM)

    Server Name: Buh's FTB Infinity Server 1.3.4
    Server IP: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Player Max.: 17
    Difficulty: Normal
    PVP only on agreement of both. Only nice behaviour. Hits by mistake will be warned 2 times 3rd time is instantban without discussion.
    Rules can be found at spawn on server.
    Most important is: -resources gathering with automatic machines only on mining worlds
    -Overworld destruction will be punished without discussion with a ban (glizer)

    Graves are turned on but are not an insurance to get yor stuff (its just an additional safety).

    Plugin list:
    - Griefprevention
    - Glizer global MC ban System
    - Dynmap see screenshots.
    - Random Teleport on Overworld => no long walks
    - Essentials
    - Essentials Eco
    - Time gets you Money
    - Signshop
    - Areashop

    Server hardware and system details:
    • Intel Core i7 990x
    • 2x HDD 2,0 TB SATA
    • 1x SSD 120 GB SATA
    • 6x RAM 4096 MB DDR3 (24 GB RAM)
    • ubuntu 14.04 hosted by Reliable well known hoster
    • reduced player amount to rise TPS reliabelity


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  2. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    I am also looking for a staff like 3 to 4 people.
    The candidates should be an adult and have a good personality.
  3. ElGringoUK

    ElGringoUK New Member

    Nice server, very stable well designed spawn area and everyone is friendly
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  4. Highlanderdk

    Highlanderdk New Member

    I like the server, a friendly and fun owner. the other players are fun to talk with. good server
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  5. lenim131

    lenim131 New Member

    Really good sv! No lag and friendly staff! Im having a lot of fun :D thanks buh for all the help
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  6. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Thank you dear fellows. I am happy to hear this kind of resonance on my server.
  7. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    The server is stable running with no lags and we are growing nice community.
    Although the server is not whitelistet we are using Glizer global ban system which gives you safety for ppl to act in good behaviour because else they will get a global ban issue.

    So please you are welcome to join the Server. Make sure to check also the dynmap 8k border full rendered world.
  8. Ederlezi

    Ederlezi New Member

    Very nice server, stable with nice people. I'm having lots of fun here and i recommend it :)
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  9. jearwin

    jearwin New Member

    I would liek to join this server (+1) :D
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  10. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    You are Welcome mate =). I am looking for a nice community.
  11. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Unfortunately there was a small issue which resulted in 1 hour break. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Folks and dear fellows... i am happy to annoounce that finally i have seen the error message causing the weird restarts.
    It was the missing arguments -XXermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m
    so it caused an error like this : Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

    I fixed this and from now on the server should be running stable.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
  13. Ederlezi

    Ederlezi New Member

    Yup :) i confirm !!! no restart or crash ! In fact the server is running super smoothly. :) great job Buh !!!
  14. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Thank you Ederlezi ... I appreciate you confirmation.
  15. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

  16. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Hi eidur ye you broke it this is bad news. But thanks to you honesty I could fix it very fast. That's a very good personality. Just dont generate new dimensions till I am back
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2015
  17. lenim131

    lenim131 New Member

    Buh i already tested the sv! It was fine :D
  18. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Thank you I will implement the 1.3.1 update today then.
  19. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Dear fellows feel free to join the Server. It is updated to 1.3.1 now.
    We will stay for a nice community destructive community behavior will be punished by a permaban.

    Remember i use glizer on my server, so you will receive also reputation by me.
  20. Adem Musaoglu

    Adem Musaoglu New Member

    Unfortunately I have to announce that I had to ban the first player on the server. His reputation is affected on glizer too. So join if you are aware to be a nice community member else just stand away. I don't need worse ppl.

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