Grief Prevention ID List - Golden Shovel Claim

Did you use my ID list for your server? If so, did it benefit you?

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Jul 29, 2019
I don't know if anyone else has taken the time to write a list out of every ID in the game especially just for the Grief Prevention plugin aka Golden Shovel Claim.

All you have to do is take this list, and copy paste it into your Grief Prevention Plugin from

I am only putting this out there because I believe in open sourcing things like this for others to use freely to benefit on their own servers.

I made this list to use on my server at and I only post my website so if you choose to use my list, and appreciate the time I put into writing and typing everything out, you can write a nice little thank you, and let me know how it benefited your server!! I'd like to hear!! :)

Here is the link to my TXT file containing the ingredients to copy paste into the plugin with instructions written at the top for those that may get a little confused on where to put the information. I hope this helps out many of you out there starting your own server up and looking to add protections to it, I think using this, and Towny is a great idea for most servers looking to protect their players work efficiently.

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