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  1. Brobocon

    Brobocon New Member

    Hello I am Brobocon.

    I'm a devoted minecraft player with a passion for creating crazy and complex contraptions. Recently I have started to learn to code (Java Script)with my work into this new skill I hope to attempt to create my own mod for mincraft or be a part of a mincraft modding team to help share creativity across the mincrafting world.

    More Info About Me
    -I live in Canada
    -I'm 16 years of age
    -I am dyslexic(bad with words)
    -I am learning Java on my own (self taught)
    -Looking to participate in a community/team
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  2. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    Welcome Brobocon ( I refuse to shorten that name, NO! ) ;)
  3. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Welcome to the forums :)
  4. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    Welcome to the forums, Brobocon! We hope you enjoy your stay here (stay forever! :) )
    And don't worry about your dyslexia, most of us will hopefully understand :)!
  5. lavarthan

    lavarthan New Member

    Welcome. :) And just a nitpick, sorry :oops:, Java is not the same as Java Script, might want to be sure which you are learning.
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  6. Brobocon

    Brobocon New Member

    Lol np, don't know why I wrote JavaScript down "derp" o_O
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  7. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    Dyslexia and learning java? That can't be the easiest thing to do, and java is anything but easy...

    Welcome to FTB, hope you like it here
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  8. Lordtazou

    Lordtazou New Member

    All I can say is, Im Sorry! (Java/Jave Script)

    Welcome to the FTB Forums and I hope to see ya round brotha!

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