Good Evening Gentlemen!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Wonton_Freak, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Wonton_Freak

    Wonton_Freak New Member

    Hi everybody!

    I am a Wonton! A Wonton Freak, not a Wonton Soup so please, do not chase me with a spoon.

    Anyways, I'm a 21 year old guy from Norway, I study Maritime Navigation and work offshore. On my spare time i usually play video games and hang out with friends where we do fishing, roadtrips, drink and other stuff. I started playing Minecraft before it was cool (EARLY infdev) and I've played it on a regular basis since.

    Recently I started getting into mods, and I've been enjoying minecraft more than ever before. (so much, that I even rented TWO minecraft servers from fragnet.)

    Now I'm here on the forum, to discuss and see if I can pick up some cool tip and tricks from more experienced people. II'm also of making a blog from my server with daily updates on progress with builds and stuff like that.

    Hoping for a good time in here :D!

    ¨~ Chris
  2. lavarthan

    lavarthan New Member

    Welcome. I hope you will enjoy your stay.
  3. Kitchen_Fire

    Kitchen_Fire New Member

  4. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Hello! Welcome to the forums :)
  5. SunVenus

    SunVenus New Member

    Welcome! :) And FYI, girls & women play Minecraft and other games too, not just "gentlemen" ;)
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  6. PureEvil

    PureEvil New Member

    In a parallel universe, that is :)

    welcome to the forums
  7. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

  8. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    Alright I'm here! And I've got a spoon!!
    Where's the soup?

    Welcome to FTB Navy Fisher :D
    I hope you didn't bring fermented herring in here... or a rotten shark for that matter :p Linky linky
    Good luck with your server(s)!
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  9. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Hello! Welcome :D!
  10. Wonton_Freak

    Wonton_Freak New Member

    Thanks all for the warm welcome, it sure seems like I'll enjoy being in here! :)

    And good evening to all the "Gentlewomen" too! :3

    ¨~ Chris
  11. Saice

    Saice New Member

    Welcome to the crazy.

    Also Shoop play games also. :p
  12. Flipz

    Flipz New Member

    Welcome to the (often insane) FTB forums! Be sure to read the rules, and there are also some links in my signature that you'll find helpful. ;) Enjoy your sentence stay! :p

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