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Open Server GammaCraft|DireWolf20 1.0.2|Open|Towny, Essentials

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Wavebrother, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Wavebrother

    Wavebrother New Member

    Welcome to GammaCraft! We are a group of players that want to start a public DireWolf20 server for all people who like FTB. The server will be completely open, no applications. There will be Towny, Essentials, ranks, and many other interesting plugins. The only problem? We need money! If you would like to donate to help get this server running, go here and then click on the link in the post.

    1. No Greifing. ​
    2. No duping or cheating.​
    3. No X-Ray.​
    4. No vulgar messages or buildings.​
    5. Do not attempt to mess up the server. (Lag machines, items you know will crash the server, that sort of thing.)​
    6. No Anti-afk machines.​
    7. No advertising.​
    8. No drop parties.​
    9. No chunkloading.​
    10. No spamming.​

    1. Sacred Rubber Sapling from Minefactory Reloaded because It destroys the server.
    2. Nuke from IndustrialCraft 2 because It destroys the server.
    3. SPAMR from Minefactory Reloaded because It bypasses Towny.
    4. SDX TNT from Tinker's Construct because It bypasses Towny.

    We will be on Normal difficulty. PVP will be disabled by default, but it can be enabled by the player.
  2. HoutLove

    HoutLove New Member

    Wave! if it a open server at least you can put a IP address? :/
  3. JOHNDOE27

    JOHNDOE27 New Member

    Hout as always your annoying read the whole thing we need funding it isn't open yet
  4. ImVin

    ImVin New Member

    here we go again :/

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