Private Pack [G!C] - Industrial Slaughterhouse [1.5.2] [PVP] FTB like mods [CustomPack]

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Jul 29, 2019
<statusbanner comes later>​

OPENING WILL BE THE 22.06.2013 - 20:00 P.M.! CET +1 (UK / German time)

That is the second server from Gaming!House for you guys! It's a full modded and extremely pvp server with all kind of stuff.
But we have GregTech + Hard + all kind of Hard/Hardcore recipes enabled! So it won't be easy for you guys! So don't play alone here or keep hiding! We won't add a simple MiningAge because you would never find a base. Instead of that I try to do weekly events (Like a Dense Ore age with EXTREMELY sidee ffects + of course pvp for 30 minutes).

Server Informations
  • We are playing on Hard
  • Chunkloaders needs fuel to run (Railcraft or Immibis) (Enderpearl for 8 hours, ender dust from portalgun for 1 hour runtime, more to come later maybe)
  • We dont want player to donate only if they want to join, we want that players donating to us, if they have fun on our server!
  • You can create a town for 5 diamonds and claim chunks for 1 diamond for each chunk (You have a limit for claimed chunks!) You can find more informations for commands >here<
  • You can find a simple mod list >Here<
  • The Twilight Forest is on the server but it's disabled! You can buy that stuff from the spawn (Wood and stuff like that!)
  • You can protect your base with myTown! So no one can open your chests or place blocks IN your base. But everyone can pickup stuff (you can't disable that) so if a chest is destroyed, he could steal the stuff (It's allowed!)
  • Quantum Armor isn't craftable so GraviSuit neither, for that purpose you can have the PowerSuits.
  • MFR energycosts are doubled.
  • Atomic Science multilayer are disabled.
  • Quarrys and Turtles are disabled! Use Tunnel Bore machines (Railcraft - Thaumcraft - Stevecarts - Traincraft) if you want some automated mining.
  • Nukes(IC2ones) and Red/Anti Matter, Rejuvention and Hyper-/Sonics are disabled!
  • If you playing alone you can only protect like 4 chunks, if you have members in your town (or you join a town), every member will give 8! extra chunks to a town!
Mods - Client - Config
It's a privat server modpack, so you get it, if you are allowed to play on our server. It's like feed the beast but with a lot of custom stuff and my own configs to balance the whole stuff.

Rules are simple:

  1. Do not betray your friends! Or your Town / Nation! It's your reputation!
  2. You can grief from your enemys, if you find them but you can't steal from town unless you destroy the things with ICBM or stuff like that!
  3. Don't produce lag machines, like 2k chickens in a single chunk.... (Or I will delete that chunk!)
  4. Don't overuse Solar Panels.
  5. Respect the Admins any choice they make is always the right choice.
Teamspeak Server
Here, everyone can join our teamspeak!

Root Server
  • OS: Linux
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • CPU: Intel i7 3770 k (4(8) x 3,5 GHz)
  • + 240GB SSD
Server Team
  • Lefty (Admin)
  • Wolfenstein (Idiot)
  • Ethron (Fachinformatiker....)

It's very simple. You just have to post 2 things in this thread:
Your InGame Name:
Banncheck from

Then I will PM you with informations. BUT PLS BE PATIENT!


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Jul 29, 2019
Client upload is done in a few minutes so be prepared, register on our forum to download the client (You will find a topic there with how to connect). Whitelist will be refreshed in 30 mins.

EDIT: Dropbox is really slow atm, I hope it will be done soon :/
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Jul 29, 2019
We got a new Root so we have new IPs!

New Teamspeak IP:
New PvP Server IP:
New CoD Server IP:

Or if there is the new update out (#6) then there will be a updated server.dat!


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Jul 29, 2019
Accepted, same ways for you Risahashi, forum for the tutorial and client link for the client :p