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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by DriftinFool, Feb 15, 2014.

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    One of the many new mods I have been really enjoying in Monster. The Sag mill is like a TE pulverizer with even more bonuses. It also has an alloy smelter that you need to make alloys the mod requires. It can make many of the TE induction furnace recipes as well as be a vanilla furnace. What's nice about them is that they are upgradable. There are 3 tiers of capacitors that go in the bottom left slot that add energy storage and speed up the machine. They are quite fast with the highest tier one.
    The way the conduits work make compacting builds easier than ever. Being able to run fluid, energy, items, and redstone signal all in one block is amazing. The level of control you have is even more impressive. Insert/extract filters, multiple channels for redstone and items by color.
    Probably one of my favorite parts are the facades it offers. Craft them and throw them in a painting machine and it will match any block in the game. It makes hiding wires so simple. Don't have to make facades or worry about microblock covers. The only downside of them is all the sides have to have the same texture, but most blocks do, so not a huge issue. I took some pictures of some of the ways I have found to use it so far.
    The simplest 2 coke oven auto system I have ever seen. It takes one regular item conduit. Set all the faces to insert/export mode. Go to the extraction menu in the GUI and set it to always active and filter it for coal coke from the ovens and coal from the chest. Everything done in a single block.

    Here's the beginnings of my power plant. Compression dynamos being fed natural gas from gascraft. They feed into the single Ender IO capacitor bank, then into the line of energy cells. They each feed each other, so I have a large reserve. I wanted to conserve fuel even more so than I could do with the dynamos in idle mode. I use the power monitor, also from Ender IO, to read the charge of the capacitor. I set it to output a redstone signal when the capacitor is below 5% and turn of when above 99% to control the engines. I figure a 200 mil RF buffer is enough to run anything for a while while making way less than I am using.
    The facade blocks are really nice. They go clear and you can access the conduits inside when you have conduits or a wrench in hand as you can see here.
    Hiding pipes in my algae farm
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    What texturepack/resourcepack is that?
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    Thank you, but I guess no such luck of good textures for me, as I barely can run Default textures with good FPS.
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    Wow that's a really good looking build, and it's making me want to get into EnderIO. I'm currently working on my AE network and I think after I get that up I'll need a lot more about then I have right now so I think I'm going to use a tree farm to power it all. I wanted to ask if AE and EnderIO can work together easily, as in being able to easily transfer blocks, liquids and energy from a EIO network into my AE network for crafting and storage.
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    AE and Ender IO work fine together. The item conduits will dump into an ME interface. The power conduits connect. I haven't had any problems connecting them to anything. If they don't connect on their own, you can do it manually. I am actually running my entire base off of them. I have no TE energy conduits or BC kinetic pipes. I still use TE item and fluid ducts though.
    I also saw a spotlight of the newest version the author is playing with. It adds ME cable conduits. So in the not to distant future, you will be able to also run ME cable in the single block with all the other conduits.

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