Open Server FullyUnleashed - No lag - Low banned items - Hot food - No Whitelist

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Jul 29, 2019
Server IP:

We are running Unleashed modpack (Current up to date), NO whitelist, everyone is welcome!

Rules :

1. Respect ALL players, Staff and non-staff.
2. Absolutely NO griefing.
3. No duping, Scamming, or obscene language/conversations.
4. No advertising other servers, websites, or programs.
5. No duping.
6. Disobeying, breaking, or trimming around the bush to avoid these rules will result in a ban, mute, or other punishments.

Disabled mods/Items:

- Biomes o'plenty is not generated in the world.
- MFFS mod is also disabled.

- Portal guns, Gravity guns. (griefing capabilities)
- Force wrench (Dupes/griefing)
- Nukes, explosives. (Griefing)
- Force armour (Duping)
- Laser gun (Griefing bases)
- Bonemeal bag (Crashes server)
- NOTE THERE ARE A FEW MORE THAT MAY NOT BE LISTED, Please request them listed and it will be updated.


- Smooth, lag free gameplay.
- Survival, PvE gameplay.
- economy, player economy.
- Fun times and much more to come!

Difficulty level:

- If I had to put our server difficulty into numbers, I'd say its a 2, It's super easy to enjoy.
- I'm always online, or if i'm not (due to schoo/sleep) then you can contact me via a few friends who play. (or if you're a trusted person I may leave some contact details for emergencies)

Hardware specs:
- Soon to come.

Closing :

Thank you for taking your time to read and think about our server, we truly appreciate anyone and everyone who joins and plays, we are a new server and will have some kinks and issues but we will triumph over them and turn into a new era of servers with me and the community.


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Jul 29, 2019
Wow thanks everyone for the great support! we are new and making tons of fixes with the players reporting them to me!