FTBLite 2 {Public Beta} Changelog

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    All changelogs found here

    Version 1.0.0

    List of Mods

    This pack is intended as a pack for players with computers that are not up to the demand of our other packs. You can play it as is and get a full tech tree, farming and all or you can modify it by adding a few mods. These are the mods that performed best in testing on 32bit Java and 1GB of RAM. We still recommend a 2GB server but this pack is as light as we can make it. Yes this pack is small. You can probably add 1-3 mods and still play it on a weaker system. This is the only pack we recommend for 32bit Java.

    Agriculture - Freya and the Metallurgy Team
    JABBA - ProfMobius
    WAILA - ProfMobius
    Evoc - ProfMobius
    Extra Utilities - RWTema -- Deep Dark disabled by default for older machines.
    Thermal Expansion - King Lemming and Team CoFH
    CoFH Core - KingLemming and Team CoFH
    Fancy Fences - Koopinator
    Power Crystals Core - Powercrystals and Skyboy
    MineFactoryReloaded - Power Crystals and Skyboy
    Open Blocks - Mikee Moo
    ForgeMultipart - Chicken Bones
    Code Chicken Core - Chicken Bones
    NEI - Chicken Bones
    Chicken Chunks - Chicken Bones
    NEI Addons and Plugins - Mistaqur and bdew
    Obsidiplates - Myrathi
    FinndusFillies - Myrathi
    Switches - Myrathi
    Infinibow - Myrathi

    Zan's Opis REI and Journey Map are all included enable the one you want.

    Redstone Arsenal will be added in an update.
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    Version 1.0.1

    Updated Thermal Expansion to 9e

    fixes a GUI bug with Waila

    Added Redstone Arsenal
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    Version 1.0.2

    Updated Mods
    CoFH Core 2.0.0.b9e - 2.0.0.b10
    Minefactory Reloaded 2.7.4B1-215 - 2.7.4B1-226
    NEI Plugins -
    Redstone Arsenal 1.0.0.b0e - 1.0.0.b1
    Thermal Expansion 3.0.0.b9e - 3.0.0.b10
    WAILA 1.4.1 - 1.4.3

    Detailed Changes can be found here
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    Important: I messed up and in DW20,FTBLite2, and Magic Farm 2 I managed to use different ID's for the ITEM version of conduits and ducts. This conflicts with the universal configs and adds issues when people add specific mods to those 3 packs. This is my fault and not the mod author's.

    The 1.1.0 Magic Farm 2 and the 1.1.0 FTB Lite 2 update will change the ID of the ITEM version to the correct ID for the universal configs. NOTHING PLACED IN WORLD WILL BE AFFECTED. This will only affect conduits and ducts held in inventory.

    DW20 will not be updated until he lets me know he is aware of the change. But as of version 1.0.8 DW20 will also have ducts/conduits in inventory vanish.

    Assuming no other bugs are found these versions of FTB Lite 2 and Magic Farm 2 will become the recommended STABLE release versions.

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