Open Server ftb1.GETONMYLEVEL.CA - Mindcrack v8.0.1 - No Whitelist - 60 Slots

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New Member
Jul 29, 2019


98.54% Is the current uptime, with the server being up for 2 months now. Map was just reset 1 week ago.

No block lag.

Streamers :

Map is limited to +/- 3500 blocks in all 4 directions. This makes it a 7000x7000 map.

Anyone caught trying to bypass region protection will be banned without warning. List of Current region protections as well as disabled/Banned items.

Server Details

Banned Items Place, Interact, Destroy for default(guests)
  • 46 - TNT
  • 613 - ITNT
  • 1053:2 Personal Anchor
  • 1227 Turtles
  • 1227:* Turtles
  • 1228 Wireless Turtles
  • 1228:* Wireless Turtles
  • 29998:6 Dynamite
  • 30214 Dynamite 2
  • 30215 Sticky Dynamite
  • World Anchors
  • Nuclear Reactors
Permission groups
  • Guests (No Title)
    Build, create towns, chat etc. Limited to 1 chunk. Cannot place banned items.
  • [Noobie]
    Guests + PVP rights+2x Mayor Multiplier.
  • [Member]
    Noobie+ Twilight, Caps in chat. 2x Mayor, 2x Resident Multiplier
  • [Donor] 10 or more USD$ (If you donate more, I might add more chunks to your town.)
    Member+ 4x Multiplier on Regions Mayor 2x on resident+ bypass teleport time. Can tp to other towns.
  • [MOD]
    Donor+ Kick/Ban
  • Admin

Malkeus Diasporan

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I'd like to reiterate willyfood's question, how do I gain noobie status?
And by the way, theres an enormous phallic symbol at spawn.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hey Guys.

To become a noobie you just need to be around a bit and me recognize you.