FTB Unleashed Tinkers Drawbridge Etho's Door

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Smallest_Miner, Aug 2, 2013.


Did you enjoy my creation, should i DO more ?

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  1. Smallest_Miner

    Smallest_Miner New Member

    I am positive everyone knows ethos door design, if not.. its a piston door with out the middle block so that you are able to ender pearl through.

    I updated the door using the tinkers construct mod that is included in the feed the beast Unleashed pack.

    It is my First video. So be gentle with me. I didnt commentate due to the fact. I am scottish and i dont think my accent is easy on the ears :L

  2. SonOfABirch

    SonOfABirch New Member

    if nothing else, your door looks bloody good.
  3. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    The design is great

    While you're just showcasing it, what it does and how it looks, music of your choice is fine. Normally while just showcasing what it looks like, it's very easy to work out what it does and thus no commentary is necessary.

    my critique however, I personally would much rather on tutorials to have it explained as your going rather than just watching what you're doing
    It means rather than having to be watching and also trying to work out why you're doing what you're doing, you can sit back and just listen to it being explained.
  4. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    You know what I would like to see? Someone like you who makes cool things like this offer worlds up for download so noobs like me can learn how to make our own amazing stuff.
  5. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    Didn't read the reason as to why you didn't comment originally, however I think that's irrelevant. Still think some sort of commentary is good. I don't think your accent matters, it's how you speak with your accent, so somebody with the "best" accent can still be a bad commentator, whilst a "bad" accent which you seem to think yours is can be good to listen to as well, it's whether your speaking is harsh or not that makes the difference.

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