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  1. Caspian Spellwrist

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    Hey all, I have just signed up for the FTB community and I wanted to share my starter map with you all. It is for the FTB Ultimate modpack only because I haven't got to morphing it for the other packs. The generated map itself is quite a good one too, there is a mine AND an oil well nearby.

    There is a house present able to house two players (as the map is aimed for lan players) with each an own room with personal safe (safes has not been used yet). There is also a macerator and a extractor available. These are powered by 2 small windmill parks, each consisting of a batbox and 4 mills. They are hooked up to another batbox via glass fibre cable (I used this one for the distance EU loss ratio, it might be a bit good to start of with but yeah..) There is also an enchanter available and an empty room. There is a basement with a hidden door (flip the torch to find out!).

    Outside there is a farm with wheat and flax on. A little pond (with the watermills in) and 2 pastures. 1 with cows in and one with chickens in.

    this are all the facilities that are avalaible. Now here are some screenshots. Note that the map is made with the john smith texture pack (easy to install via the FTB launcher under 'texture packs'), in which the very basic cobblestone house still looks passable, but may not od so in other packs.

    As for the world file, just unzip it and copy the file to the saves folder in your minecraft folder of your Ultimate map.








    im5.png [DOUBLEPOST=1376065435][/DOUBLEPOST]As it seems my file is too big to upload, so I will upload it to dropbox and will reply with the download link soon. My apoligies
  2. Caspian Spellwrist

    Caspian Spellwrist New Member

  3. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    AM I right to assume you did this in survival? BEcause unused or at least less broken tools would be cool :p
  4. Caspian Spellwrist

    Caspian Spellwrist New Member

    haha yes I also noticed to late that there was a filled chest left xD My bad

    I have updated the link, this one will only give you 4 stone tools and 10 porkchops :)
  5. Randomguy404

    Randomguy404 New Member

    I would love this map... If only I still played ultimate...
  6. RjGraffiti

    RjGraffiti New Member

    Honestly, Ultimate is great. I like it a lot. 1.4.7 was awesome.
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  7. epidemia78

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    It took me months to abandon john smith and optifine, and move on from 1.4.7. Im glad I did, the mods are even better now cept for IC2.
  8. Caspian Spellwrist

    Caspian Spellwrist New Member

    It was a sad moment for me as well but I am all into magic world 2 now, love the mods.
  9. Abraid

    Abraid Guest

    Do you still have it?

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