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FTB Ultimate Pack..

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Chrisizcool, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Chrisizcool

    Chrisizcool Member

    So i heard this "Ultimate pack" which is a combination of alot of different mods will be coming out sometime soon? does anybody have a more detailed date on when it will be coming out?
  2. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython Popular Member

    There has been no date announced for the release of the Ultimate Pack. It will contain the best of the tech and magic mods for Minecraft. I am still hoping for a release before new year though (it could happen!)
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  3. Chrisizcool

    Chrisizcool Member

  4. Iceblaze

    Iceblaze New Member

    I believe that there are still a few mods that still need to be updated.
  5. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython Popular Member

    No. I believe there are not. All we are waiting for is for the team to decide what mods to put in the Ultimate Pack and bug-test it.
  6. 4nic

    4nic Member

    Slow said 5 days ago that it would be released in about 2 days, and yesterday on his stream said he wasnt working on it that day amd sinve he was doing his lp again today i assume he isnt doing it today either
  7. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython Popular Member

    It is Christmas. Everything gets rather disorganized at Christmas, and for most people a project on the internet probably has very low priority. And Slowpoke is not the one working on any of the FTB packs. Just be patient, okay?
  8. 4nic

    4nic Member

    He said today on his stream that it should be done by tomorrow
  9. Codex

    Codex Active Member

    It will be out when it comes out, its better to play what you have then die of waiting.
  10. nevakanezah

    nevakanezah Active Member

    It'll either be:
    Soon (TM Blizzard-activision) or
    When it's done (TM Valve)
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  11. 4nic

    4nic Member

    my server isnt going up tell ultimate comes out, so i am waiting i am not a big fan of single player
  12. hollywookilla44

    hollywookilla44 New Member

    Ok, everyone lets breath in and release, and one more time... Ahh that feels good. The Ultimate Pack will be out when it is ready and is stable. Stuff happens and then stuff gets delayed. This is, I believe to be considered a part of life.
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  13. Poarses

    Poarses New Member

    Ooh I'm excited! :D
  14. Spanone

    Spanone New Member

  15. Decirium

    Decirium New Member

  16. Bhaz

    Bhaz New Member

    Is that an official doc or just someone putting 2+2 together?
  17. Decirium

    Decirium New Member

    No idea but it's been kept updated since I first saw it posted - Tubestuff + Immibis Core were the outstanding mods, they've now been updated around the same time as the announcement that it would be this weekend. My guess is that it's purely testing left before the pack is released.
  18. Xulai

    Xulai New Member

    As far as I'm aware it's an unofficial list being kept by someone who was checking what mods have been updated to know better when packs will be released but I honestly have no idea as it does say testing world-gen on it. Either way I'm glad we have the list to look at.
  19. Bradrocks

    Bradrocks Active Member

    I am pretty sure that it is an official document, I saw it stickied on the FTB irc channel so I prtty sure its legit.
  20. Lathanael

    Lathanael The Eye <o> Mod Database Admin

    The doc is official ;)

    And the Ultimate pack will not come out until the issues with some mods are fixed (Forestry sapplings or Mystcraft portals for example).
    Without those issues beeing fixed there is no point in releasing a big pack as it is bound to run into even more errors and crashes!

    Most probably you will see the Tech and Lite pack in the very near future and the Ultimate a little bit after them. I can not and will comment on any ETA as there is none and never will be.

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