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Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Keebs, May 9, 2013.

  1. Keebs

    Keebs New Member

    Lueracraft Feed the Beast Ultimate
    IP - lueracraft.com:1337 or mc.lueracraft.us:1337
    Newly re-opened Lueracraft FTB Ultimate (recommended) server! We have a strong community with many many experienced admins, moderators, and plugin developers to keep the server running smooth and customized to our liking! Our player base is small right now, as we just reopened, but our staff is very friendly and will help with any issues, concerns, or general questions you have :) Have fun!
    Don't use exesive caps in chat
    No exploiting mods
    No flaming/rasicm/homophobic comments
    Grief is ALLOWED
    Raid is ALLOWED
    Teleport killing /home, /back, /spawn is a jail.
    No advertising
    No Xray, fly mod, clients for FTB.
    Banned items
    Gravity gun is only banned because of its ability to grief faction protected land, and spawn. Everything else is enabled, canvas bag dupe glitch is patched on our server, you can try if you want to but it doesn't work anymore. :)
    Mumble information
    2013-05-08_21.56.53.png 2013-05-08_22.18.13.png
  2. Pyromys

    Pyromys New Member

    You might want to let people know what version Ultimate you're using, as most people do not feel like switching their packs 3 times just trying to connect. However, server seems good.
  3. Keebs

    Keebs New Member

    Its the first thing I said :eek: I hope you like the server though! :)
  4. Keebs

    Keebs New Member

  5. tacs96

    tacs96 New Member

    the first sentence clearly says recommended and on the FTB Launcher version 1.0.1 is the recommended/default version, its pretty clear, just read it!
  6. Keebs

    Keebs New Member

    Thank you :)
  7. tacs96

    tacs96 New Member

    np man happy to clear things up.
  8. xXMINEfartzXx

    xXMINEfartzXx New Member

    hey can u update the server i accidentally updated now i cant go on so if you dont updateing would be helpfull
  9. ProCrafter_13

    ProCrafter_13 New Member

    Ok so it looks like I got banned, and there is a screenshot proof, that i did somethingwrong! So i would just like to see that screenshot, and explain everything that i have not cheated, or something!
  10. Maleven

    Maleven Guest

    Is this server still alive?

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