FTB Ultimate and other older modpacks.

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    It seems that we are still getting a lot of people asking questions about the futures of the modpacks on the launcher that we maintain. This post is going to try and clear up as much of this as possible.

    FTB Ultimate (1.4.7) This Modpack is currently locked and there are no plans to update this pack in the future. The main reason for this is due to the lack of an update to Red Power 2. Tests to make an update without Red Power did not end well.

    Direwolf 20 (1.4.7) Pack. Although this is not up to me my understanding is this pack is locked and there are no plans to provide an update in the future. There is currently a 2nd Direwolf 20 pack on the launcher based around his SMP series and the mods on Forgecraft.

    Mindcrack Pack (1.4.7) Again my understanding is this pack is currently locked. We hope there will be a updated mindcrack pack in the future. (This new pack will probably not be compatible with the 1.4.7 version due to the lack of a Red Power 2 update.

    Yogcraft Modpack (1.4.7) This pack is currently locked and there are currently no plans for an update to this pack. (Yogscast tend to stay with the same modpack for quite a while)

    FTB Lite (1.4.7) This modpack is locked. There may be a new lite pack in the future, but there are no current plans for this.

    Magic World (1.4.7) This pack is locked, Magic World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

    Tech World 1.4.7) This pack is locked, Tech World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

    The FTB Beta Packs (152wgt and 152ngt) these are now locked beta packs that will not be updated beyond what they are now. Both packs will be removed from the launcher once the 152 packs are fully public.

    FTB Unleashed. (1.5.2) This is our new feature pack and is intended to provide an all round gaming experience that provides something for everyone. It is intended that worlds created in this pack will work with the 1.6 update although this is dependant on mod updates.

    FTB Unhinged (1.5.2) This is a new pack designed in consutation with GregT. It is intended that worlds created in this pack will work with the 1.6 update although this is dependant on mod updates.
    Direwolf20_1_5 (1.5.2) This is a pack that is based around Direwolfs current adventures on Forgecraft. It is unknown at this time if the pack will be updated beyond 1.5.2. (A new pack is planned for 1.6)
    Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.
  2. Kenneth

    Kenneth New Member

    I feel you should wait a while for people to update there 1.4.7 DW20 server then remove it because people will likely go to the 1.5.2 DW20 Pack but then again RP2 is in it so really it depends on other peoples opinions but i think you should keep ultimite as it is sort of the same as the DW20 Pack
  3. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    To clarify. locked doesnt mean removed, just that there are no plans to make any further updates to it.
  4. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    Thank you slowpoke for the clarification on the updates. :)
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  5. xXJollyXx

    xXJollyXx New Member

    I just have a quick question: Will these be on the new launcher? Meaning the Ultimate Pack and such.
  6. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    They should be yes.
  7. snipe50cal

    snipe50cal New Member

    Do you know anything about the new DW20 pack for his upcoming singleplayer series.
  8. Kenneth

    Kenneth New Member

    Its public use the code Direwolf20_1_5
  9. dragonguy92

    dragonguy92 New Member

    any plans to include Millenaire and More Player Models? these are awesome yet over looked mods. could they be integrated somehow please?
  10. Minecraft_Ninja_64

    Minecraft_Ninja_64 New Member

  11. shandy1999

    shandy1999 New Member

    are there any plans on releasing the map for forgecraft
  12. dragonguy92

    dragonguy92 New Member

    my avatar doesent look normal without the More Player Model mod. and Ive tried using it with ultimate pack before and it refused to show my av like the mod didn't exist.
  13. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    Millenaire isnt overlooked, it was just never really the type of mod we would use ourselves. There are plenty of packs around that use these mods.
    As far as I know the forgecraft map has no release plans due to its dependancy on beta versions of mods. However I dont know for sure.
    We are looking at that and other RP replacements.
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  14. dragonguy92

    dragonguy92 New Member

    i don't know why you wouldn't use Millenaire. you mod pretty much everything but the villagers. who wouldn't want a Norman raiding party helping you take down someones fort ^^[DOUBLEPOST=1374421657][/DOUBLEPOST]pretty much you work with your clan to secure and produce enough resources to upgrade the village as quickly as possible so you get well armored and armed raiding groups and are feared ^^
  15. Trinitruth

    Trinitruth New Member

    Slowpoke do you have to update to Launcher version 1.2.5 to use the code because i havent updated yet and it is invalid
  16. ProfDeCube

    ProfDeCube New Member

    Is there any compatibility between 152ngt and direwolf 152? some of my players were hoping I could change my server over and keep the map.
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  17. Who Is Steve

    Who Is Steve New Member

    I made an account specifically to hop in on the discussion about the Ultimate pack so sorry for any noobiness about forum rules or anything.

    Anyway!, I've been playing that exclusively for about a month now, so seeing it updated would be quite nice. Do check out Project: Red, that Minecraft Ninja suggested. It looks to be a suitable replacement and would allow for some welcome updates to the pack.
  18. BlackFire

    BlackFire New Member

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  19. Andy2k

    Andy2k New Member

    Thanks for the News. But One think ...

    I Play with the Ultimate Pack and looked the new Packs to Play with it. I think Greg Tech is one of the best Mods to make Minecraft interesting for a long Time and much heavier. When I see Lets Plays without Greg Tech all things are so Easy to make .. UU-Matter and the Game is over *g*

    So the One Pack for me is Unhinged. But when I see the List of Plugins I donĀ“t understand why on the One Pack are so many good Mods there not by the other Pack. Why? It give good Mods like Bibliocraft and so on.

    Is it in Planning to make a Unleashedhinged Pack for the old Ultimate Player that think Minecraft without GregTech is toooooo Easy, but want Play with all good Mods?

    _ _ _ _ _
    Sorry for my bad English .. the most Words a powered by Hope is the Right.
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  20. Trinitruth

    Trinitruth New Member

    Is unleashed and unhinged open to the public yet?
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